Jennifer Pallanich, senior technology editor, Hart Energy: Virtual reality, mixed reality and digital twins are upping the training game with this award-winning immersive field training simulator. I'm Jennifer Pallanich, Hart Energy's senior technology editor, here with Raj Poojara of Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies to see the immersive field simulator in action.

You're using some cool tools to train employees. How does everything fit together?

Raj Poojara, senior program manager, Honeywell: Honeywell Workforce Excellence is all about helping people perform at the next level and helping the plants perform even better. So immersive field simulator, which we're going to talk about today, is one of those solutions as a part of this particular suite of products that we have. So whatever you see as a model is exactly the same as what your real plant is. And then we make it possible for the operators to really walk the plant, interact with the plant, and do the things that they do in a real plant. So giving you a risk free and a realistic environment where you actually learn by doing.

JP: You introduced the IFS three years ago. How has it evolved over time and improved?

RP: Training is just one part of it. We want to make sure that customer's investment they're able to have more use cases for this. We are also adding augmented reality. So the same models, we want to use the same platform to integrate augmented reality, which will help the person in the field also in the virtual reality. Two, we are also planning to integrate documentation systems, which will enable you to pull any documentation in the virtual world for a plant, for a unit, for things that you're looking at.

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