Jaxon Caines, technology reporter, Hart Energy: From the bottom of the ocean to outer space, this company is utilizing technology to help mitigate challenges in the energy industry.

Mehul Supawala, vice president, technology and innovation center, Shearwater: Shearwater's purpose is to measure the earth to bring answers that allow for [a] sustainable future. We provide acquisition and processing services, geophysical software, so the entire value chain that is needed for good geophysical services.

JC: What are the current challenges in the industry from your point of view?

MS: To look at conventional resources and also new energy resources. When we talk about conventional resources, these are located now in smaller pockets. They are harder to find, which means that we need to bring better quality images for more certainty for decisions of drilling and building the reservoirs.

We have just launched our compact small size sea bed, node technology. It's called Pearl. We are deploying Pearl right now with a purpose built ROV vessel, which is optimized for seismic node handling subsea. The Pearl itself is a small node. It's completely wireless, which will allow us to bring significant efficiencies in ocean bottom seismic acquisition. In the broader technology sense, we are also looking at digitalization, bringing solutions with digital twins and the power of cloud to bring new value to our clients.

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