Jennifer Pallanich, senior technology editor, Hart Energy: Drag and drop has made many jobs—even designing completions—easier. Deep Data is now integrating generative AI into the drag and drop process. This is Tech Trends with Hart Energy LIVE.

Mike Hogan, founder and CEO, Deep Data: We've been working with AI for quite some time now, about a year and a half on some other projects. And what we're doing is we're using that as the interface, because when you're talking about a 50-stage completion it can get a little overwhelming to do that all manually. And so the AI basically does that automatically. You just tell it what you want it to do, the priorities, all of that, and it automatically lays out your design. We're in the process of signing people up to work with us to define that capability.

JP: You also are launching a data collection appliance here.

MH: Yes. So, the box is in beta right now. We have a one second solution. The software that—again—resides in the cloud and it pulls in one second data. So we provide a small, low-cost box with a touch screen so it tells you actively if it's online, if it's streaming, all of that.

JP: I saw the box. It's tiny!

MH: Yeah. It's like a deck of cards. And it just sits in the frack van and pumps data. And then if it gets disconnected, cache is all [there]. As soon as it reconnects, auto-sync and you're good to go.

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