Jennifer Pallanich, senior technology editor, Hart Energy: I'm Jennifer Pallanich, senior technology editor, hosting Tech Trends with Hart Energy Live at CERAWeek by S&P Global. I'm here with Anton Dahbura from the Information Security Institute at John Hopkins University to learn about the current cybersecurity landscape in oil and gas.

Anton Dahbura, executive director, Information Security Institute at Johns Hopkins University: AI introduces a whole new array of challenges in terms of cybersecurity. It's very different from our rule-based software systems that we currently have. It requires, I would say, three major components. One is culture in an organization, and that's probably the most important component. And then it takes process and it takes technology. And so with technology that can help us, especially with AI, bad guys are using AI on the offense. And so we have to go and resort to AI on the defense. We are looking for ways to integrate AI into society successfully, while avoiding the pitfalls. With proper culture, with the implementation and maintenance of processes in the system in the organization, and finally, with the technology, we can make vast inroads and make it much harder for cyber attackers to succeed at what they do.

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