Jennifer Pallanich, senior technology editor, Hart Energy: Find out how companies are collaborating to accelerate the evolution of FPSOs in today's Tech Trends. I'm here with SLB and Rockwell to hear about their FPO emissions reduction initiative.

Matt Mohajer, digital program manager for production systems, SLB: This is actually a coalition of four companies coming together. They're going to have a variety of different expertise coming from the process engineering, data science, automation control and sensing. Putting all of this together to be able to address customer challenges and need and making sure we evolve the FPSO performance from the beginning of the journey through the project time, through the operation. And look when we are looking at the OPEX, and then through the sustainability, when we are looking at what means in the modern world to us.

Greg Trostel, industry development manager, Rockwell Automation: Well, to kind of go off of what Matt just said, we really break it down into three areas. The project area, the build and design phase, the operations of the lifecycle of the vessel—20, 25 years of operations—and then the sustainability concepts across the whole lifecycle. So for instance, in the project phase, we'd be looking to get to first oil and gas faster. Operations phase, we're looking to operate as efficiently as possible, minimize emissions. And clearly with sustainability, it's everything from the safety of the people to emissions, cybersecurity, all of those topics.

MM: SLB obviously through the years of, you know, more than a hundred years of expertise in oil and gas, there's a lot of domain, no hub. Also within SLB, we are manufacturing a lot of equipment that are key equipment for like a processing equipment of FPSO. So bringing that OEM expertise to the coalition and obviously the last few decades of investing in digital, both from the digital perspective, and now where we are going with the asset performance management. So those are the expertise that SLB [is] bringing to the table. I would like also to mention what Cognite is bringing, one of our key partners in this coalition, is that when they're bringing data contextualization, bringing a combination of engineering data—ET, IT and OT—enabling us to contextualize all the data across the entire journey.

GT: And then the fourth member of the coalition is Sensia, and that's a joint venture between SLB and Rockwell Automation, primarily focused around the digital applications of real-time solutions.

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