Jaxon Caines, technology reporter, Hart Energy: I'm Jaxon Caines, looking at a new Tech Trend: ABS Wavesight with Hart Energy LIVE at OTC. So Paul, can you tell us a bit about Wavesight's affiliation with ABS?

Paul Sells, CEO, ABS Wavesight: Sure. Jackson, thanks. Great question. ABS Wavesight is the new digital products company that is an ABS affiliated company. We launched in December of last year and we're bringing some of the best technologists, innovators and software developers to bear on problems within the maritime industry.

JC: Okay. Now, how has Wavesight helped companies reduce their asset emissions?

PS: Well, first we start by helping them measure their asset emissions across the spectrums and voyages, all their vessels as well. But then we help them make decisions about 'operationally, what would be the impacts to my emissions on a given voyage?'.

JC: Now, can you tell me a little bit about the real time insights that My Digital Fleet will provide?

PS: Sure. My Digital Fleet combines information from on the vessel, on the shore and third party systems to help operators make real time decisions about how their vessels are operating.

JC: How does Nautical Systems sort of help with efficiency?

PS: Nautical Systems helps with efficiency across the spectrum. Everything from crewing and payroll to maintenance and purchasing. It helps businesses run their business. So, we collect data and we serve it up in a way that is real time and able to help you make decisions.

JC: Well, that's Tech Trends with Hart Energy LIVE. Every Tuesday, we'll drill into the tech that fuels the oil patch at hartenergy.com/ep.