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Drilling horizontal wells in a single run
Schlumberger has released the NeoSteer at-bit steerable system (ABSS) to improve horizontal well drilling performance by providing high-dogleg capability and increased ROP in the curve and the lateral, a press release stated. Developed as a fit-for-basin system, the NeoSteer ABSS leverages digital technologies by combining trajectory control algorithms and machine learning and data analytics to provide improved planning and execution performance. The NeoSteer ABSS has been used to drill a combined total of more than 2.6 MMft during 250 runs in the unconventional reservoirs in North America and Argentina. The fastest well drilled was in the Denver Julesburg (D-J) Basin and drilled shoe to shoe, vertical, curve and lateral totaling 15,123 ft in 29 on-bottom hours with an average ROP of 523 ft/hr. In the D-J Basin, SRC Energy used the NeoSteer CL curve and lateral ABSS to drill a 12-well pad targeting vertical curves and lateral sections in a single run. The operator was able to increase ROP by 20%, saving as much as 21 hours in a single well while targeting various zones in the unconventional Niobrara Shale formation. slb.com

The NeoSteer ABSS design integrates a unique cutting structure and steering mechanisms. (Source: Schlumberger)

New cement head offers improved safety and operational efficiency
Halliburton has released the Commander Full Bore Cement Head, which was designed to enable rotation and reciprocation, coupled with wireless capabilities, to deliver enhanced cement bonds and improved well integrity, according to the company. It is designed specifically to bring advanced technologies and safety features to cost constrained unconventional operations, pad wells or remote locations. The cement head supports 4½-in. to 6-in. pipe sections, with up to 30,000 ft-lb of torque and 700,000 lb of tensile, and rigup can be accomplished in as few as 30 minutes on average. The rotation and reciprocation capabilities can help maximize barrier coverage to improve cement bonds and increase efficiency in challenging land-based operations. Wireless capabilities help reduce risk to onsite personnel, as workers do not need to be lifted to launch casing wiper plugs. Plugs can be launched via a wireless remote control box, and embedded wireless logic prohibits plugs from being launched out of sequence. halliburton.com

Halliburton has executed more than 100 jobs to date with the Commander Full Bore Cement Head, with average rigup times as fast as 30 minutes and a reduction in time personnel spend in the red zone. (Source: Halliburton)

New drillbit provides optimized drilling performance
Baker Hughes has released its Kymera Mach 5 hybrid drillbit, which is designed to extend the hybrid bit application range, increase ROP, improve steerability and provide longer bit life in high-energy drilling environments, according to the company. The drive to improve penetration rates has seen the introduction of high-torque motors and higher weight on bit, making it increasingly challenging to find the right bit for a tougher operating environment. Steering issues make it difficult to land in the desired target and compromise overall penetration rates. Bit durability has been limited in harder formations and intervals with interbedded hard streaks. The cutting structure of Kymera Mach 5 expands the dual cutting action of the PDC and tungsten carbide inserts (TCI) by using extended cone technology for increased durability and higher penetration rates. The analytical modeling used for Kymera Mach 5 technology balances specific modeling provides efficient drilling dynamics to maximize the penetration rate with steerability. bakerhughes.com

The Kymera Mach 5 bit has premium PDC cutters designed to perform in harsh drilling environments with high thermal stability, low wear rate and excellent durability. (Source: Baker Hughes)

Coiled tubing injector for rugged reliability
National Oilwell Varco (NOV) has released the HR-6120 coiled tubing (CT) injector to its portfolio of CT equipment and technology. The new injector, manufactured by Hydra Rig, has been engineered to be more rugged and reliable than previous units while needing less maintenance and weighing less, according to NOV. The HR-6120 injector is designed for 2-in. to 27⁄8-in. CT strings and is able to handle the demands of quench-and-tempered CT, including NOV’s latest offering in advanced thermally processed coil (ATP-130). The new model has a 120,000-lb continuous lifting capacity, 60,000-lb continuous snubbing capacity and is capable of running 140,000-psi designs with slow-speed control (inches per minute). Upgrades include an injector auto-lubrication system, slip mitigation system and remote tubing alignment, while improved drive and traction systems increase field performance. nov.com

New industrial technology enhances connectivity, secures data transfer
PTC Kepware released ThingWorx Kepware Edge, which aims to improve and secure data collection from the field in upstream environments, according to the company. The technology enables engineers to deploy connectivity to popular automation devices and assets directly at the site of the equipment. It converts insecure, legacy device protocols into secure, modern protocols, which lowers bandwidth usage and cost and better secures data transfer. With support for Linux-based hardware and tag-based pricing, it can be deployed economically at hundreds or thousands of field sites. Engineers can use the product for connectivity to SCADA or Historians as well as leading cloud or Big Data solutions. Additionally, the product features a native interface to ThingWorx, the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platform. ThingWorx Kepware Edge lowers the cost associated with SCADA data acquisition and prepares enterprises for the IoT and digital transformation. kepware.com

Cost-saving valve technology for cable-deployed ESPs
Pragma has released an advanced downhole safety valve to create an improved well control tool for cable deployed electric submersible pumps (ESPs) retrofitted to production wells, a press release stated. The new valve will enable onshore and offshore installations to meet all safety regulations while improving the operational footprint at the well site during installation and retrieval by reducing time, cost, personnel and risk. Pragma’s ESP safety valve is a compact device, integrated within the lower portion of the ESP assembly and is deployed and retrieved through the production tubing in the same run as the ESP. It offers wellbore closure below the ESP control lines. By installing the valve between the ESP and ESP packer, the valve does not rely on the integrity of aged well completion components unlike alternative systems. The valve’s functionality is based on a pressure differential, or lift actuated design, requiring no pressurized chambers, hydraulic control lines or electrical power, which safeguards reliability. The valve will fail-safe close when the ESP is switched off and can be opened and closed as many times as required. The technology also can be applied to alternative artificial lift systems including capillary strings, gas-lift velocity strings, progressive cavity pump and jet pump systems. A high temperature version also is available. pragma-well.com

Innovating the drilling supply chain process
GoExpedi has collaborated with Ensign to provide Ensign’s fleet of drilling rigs with a new technology that will significantly enhance its supply chain capability to support the company’s 24/7 drilling operations, a press release stated. Ensign has identified GoExpedi as a partner within the e-commerce, supply chain and logistics space. Ensign started the rollout of its new platform on Aug. 1 and will stage the expansion across its entire fleet of rigs. GoExpedi will provide Ensign with end-to-end services, ranging from the customized procurement platform, geotag tracking of parts to the last mile of delivery to the Ensign rigs. goexpedi.com, ensignenergy.com

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