Sour Service Finds Feasibility with New Riser System

Sour service riser could be deployed next year from a jackup as new 15K riser system helps make marginal shallow-water wells with sour service more economic.


A new riser system makes it possible to access HP/HT wells from a jackup instead of having to use costly semisubmersible rigs.

Rated for 15,000 psi, 259 F (126 C) and sour service, Oil States Industries’ new Merlin 15K HP/HT Riser was developed with TotalEnergies. Developing a riser system that could meet those three criteria was challenging. In addition to reducing costs by making it possible to access wells from a jackup instead of a semi, the riser system relies on the Merlin Connector, which saves time on make-up.

Traditionally, for shallow-water HP/HT wells, operators needed to use a semisubmersible to handle the high pressures. But day rates for semis are much higher than for jackups. Having a riser capable of serving HP/HT wells, in addition to handling sour service, makes it possible to use jackups, which can save hundreds of thousands of dollars, Brian Mizell, vice president of business development and marketing at Oil States Industries said.

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Jennifer Pallanich

Jennifer Pallanich is Hart Energy's senior editor for technology. She has reported on the technology that fuels oil patch exploration, development and production for more than two decades.