Momentum Picks up for Wellsite Emissions Monitoring

Experts with Project Canary and MiQ share insights and strategies on emissions monitoring technology, certification and leak prevention. 

Major U.S. shale gas producers including EQT and Chesapeake Energy have launched pilots deploying Canary X units (pictured above) at their well sites over the past year or so. (Source: Project Canary)

Oil and gas producers are seeking to do more and more to further their ESG goals, and this is leading to the emergence of new trends and technologies. One such trend, for natural gas producers in particular, is the growing pursuit of responsibly sourced gas. Several standards have emerged, enabling producers to have their gas output certified as responsibly sourced.

Emissions monitoring is a key component of gas certification, and technology designed for this purpose is increasingly being deployed, both at well sites and across other energy infrastructure such as pipelines.

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Anna Kachkova

Anna Kachkova is a freelance writer based in Edinburgh, Scotland.