Metal Expandable Packer Drills a Multilateral Well Within a Highly Permeable Reservoir

The MEP Welltec Annular Barrier drilled and completed a multilateral well with two different legs, eliminating opex and nonproductive rig time.

(Source: Welltec)

The Welltec Metal Expandable Packer (MEP) enabled the efficient drilling of a multilateral well within a highly permeable reservoir for an operator in a field in Scandinavia, significantly improving the overall net present value (NPV) of the well. The operator has extensive experience in drilling multilateral wells from platforms located in shallow waters (127 m) offshore Norway.

The initial development of the field occurred in 2003. As part of the ongoing redevelopment program, in 2019, the client opted to drill a multilateral well to maximize the reservoir contact and improve overall economics of the field.

The initial architecture of the multilateral well included a 9 5/8-inch cemented liner from which the 8½-inch main bore was drilled and then two 8½-inch horizontal laterals that would have been completed with 5 ½-inch standalone screens (SAS). Based on past experiences, the operator expected challenges with fluid losses to the main bore while milling the first and second windows of the two 8 ½-inch horizontal lateral sections.  

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