Maximizing Production: System Alerts of Impending Fracs into the Workflow

Kayrros developed an alert system to notify operators of neighboring well frac activity, monitoring operations daily across tight oil and gas basins, to allow operators to protect their assets.

In tight oil patches, Kayrros' monitoring technology alerts operators of impending activity at nearby wells, allowing them to increase productivity. (Source: Kayrros)

With E&P companies in the U.S.'s tight oil patch operating so close to each other, activities in one company often adversely affect operations in another. In particular, when a producer starts a frac job, neighboring wells may suffer unintended damage from the surge in pressure and injected frac fluids, a phenomenon often called a “frac hit.” Getting advance notice of well work in adjacent leases is thus important to let operators take precautionary measures to protect their assets and optimize operations.

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