A high-volume, extended-reach Three Forks discovery by Marathon Oil Corp. was tested flowing 6.637 Mbbl of 40-degree-gravity oil, 248,310 cu. m (8.769 MMcf) of gas and 2.88 Mbbl of water per day. According to IHS Markit, the Antelope Field’s 21-1TFH Mamie-USA well is in Section 2-151n-94w of McKenzie County, N.D. Production is from a horizontal lateral in Upper Three Forks extending from 3,773 m (12,379 ft) southeastward to 6,839 m (22,439 ft) and bottomed in Section 12-151n-94w with a true vertical depth of 3,322 m (10,898 ft). It was tested on a 54/64-in. choke after 45-stage fracturing between 3,804 m to 6,798 m (12,481 ft and 22,303 ft) with a flowing casing pressure of 1,750 psi.


Echo Energy Plc completed exploration well 1-ELA at the company’s Laguna Los Capones asset in Argentina. The well was drilled to 1,820 m (5,971 ft) in Upper Jurassic Tobifera. Wireline log evaluation has been completed and a final production casing has been run. The well will be suspended for possible testing and a sidetrack well may be drilled. The gross, unrisked gas initially in place for the structure on a P-mean basis is estimated at about 1.1 Bcm (40 Bcf). The block is operated by Echo Energy’s partner, Compañía General de Combustibles.


Exxon Mobil announced an eighth oil discovery in the offshore Guyana Stabroek Block at exploration well 1-Longtail. The well was drilled to 5,504 m (18,058 ft) and encountered approximately 78 m (256 ft) of high-quality, oil-bearing sandstone in a reservoir. Area water depth is 1,940 m (6,365 ft). The 1-Longtail discovery well is near the 1-Turbot well, southeast of the Liza Field. Additional testing is planned. According to the company, the combined estimated recoverable resources of Turbot and Longtail will exceed 500 MMboe.


Equinor announced an oil discovery in production license 167 on the Utsira High in the North Sea. The discovery is estimated to contain recoverable reserves of 15 MMboe to 35 MMboe. According to the company, the 16/1- 29 S well hit an oil column of about 95 m (312 ft) with moderate-to-good reservoir quality. An oil and gas column of about 30 m (98 ft) also was encountered in Grid (Eocene). The effective reservoir consists of thin sandstone layers (10 m [33 ft]) with very good reservoir quality (about 5 m [16 ft] of gas and 5 m of oil). The completion also delineated the gas discovery at the 16/1-6 S (Verdandi) well with a gas column of about 15 m (49 ft) in Paleocene Heimdal with good reservoir properties. The size of the 16/1-6 S (Verdandi) well is between about 594 MMcm and 793 MMcm (21 Bcf and 28 Bcf) of recoverable gas. The well was drilled to 1,987 m (6,519 ft) and was terminated in basement rock. Area water depth is 114 m (374 ft). The well will be permanently plugged and abandoned.


Faroe Petroleum completed sidetrack well 6506/9-4A and a successful drillstem test on the downdip appraisal well 6506/9-4S on the Fogelberg discovery in the Norwegian Sea. The sidetrack well penetrated a 58-m (190-ft) gross hydrocarbon-bearing and sand-rich reservoir in Garn and an 87-m (285- ft) gross hydrocarbon-bearing zone in the Ile reservoir. The well flowed 594,654 cu. m/d (21 MMcf/d) of gas and 547 bbl/d of condensate during a drillstem test. Fluid sampling during the drillstem test confirmed both high-quality gas and condensate. The preliminary analysis suggests a resource range of 40 MMboe to 90 MMboe (gross). The sidetrack well was drilled to 4,497 m (14,754 ft) and was targeting the gas- and condensate-bearing Middle Jurassic Garn and Ile to assess the productivity of Garn and to firm up the resource range for a commercial development. The appraisal well will be plugged and abandoned as planned.


Eni has announced a new oil discovery in Block 15/06 at the Kalimba exploration prospect in offshore Angola. The new discovery is estimated to contain between 230 MMbbl and 300 MMbbl of light oil in place. The 1-Kalimba NFW well hit 23 m (75 ft) of net oil pay in Upper Miocene sandstones with excellent petrophysical properties. The discovery is estimated to have a production capacity of about 5 Mbbl/d of 33-degree-gravity oil. The well was drilled to 1,901 m (6,237 ft) and is in 458 m (1,502 ft) of water. According to the company, the discovery opens new opportunities for oil exploration in the southern part of Block 15/06.


Savannah Petroleum announced results from exploration well 1-Kunama. The venture is in the R3 portion of the R3/R4 production-sharing contract (PSC) area in the Agadem Rift Basin in Niger. Wireline logs, fluid sampling and pressure data indicate the well encountered an estimated 9 m (29 ft) of net oil-bearing reservoir sandstones in the E1 and E5 reservoir units within the primary Eocene Sokor Alternances objective. Wireline logs indicate the reservoir oil is equivalent to the 1-Amdigh well, the second discovery on the block. The well was drilled to 2,460 m (8,071 ft) and is being suspended for future re-entry. A production test is planned later in 2018, and another well is planned at the 10 Eridal well in the R3 portion of the R3/R4 PSC.


Eni announced a second light oil discovery on the B1-X prospect in Egypt. The 1BX-SWM well is in the Southwest Meleiha Block in the Faghur Basin. The well was drilled to 4,523 m (14,839 ft) and encountered 35 m (115 ft) net of light oil in Paleozoic sandstones of Dessouky (Carboniferous) and in the Alam El Bueib sandstones (Cretaceous). It was tested flowing 5.13 Mbbl/d of 37-degree-gravity oil with some associated gas. Additional exploratory drilling is planned at wells 2A-X and 1X-B.


SDX Energy has announced that a gas discovery at well 4X-SD in the South Disouq Concession in Egypt flowed 860,832 cu. m/d (30 MMcf/d) of gas. The completion was drilled to 2,379 m (7,806 ft) and encountered 27 m (89 ft) of net conventional gas pay in Abu Madi with an average porosity in the pay section of 24%.


Oil India Ltd. completed a second hydrocarbon discovery in the onshore section of the Krishna Godavari (KG) Basin in India. The well is in Block KG-ONN-2004/1 in Andhra Pradesh state at the 1-Thanelanka well. According to the company, it is the first HP/HT well the company has drilled. It encountered multiple sands in Gollapalli (late Jurassic-early Cretaceous) and one zone in Raghavapuram (intra-Cretaceous). It was tested on a 16/64-in. choke producing from 4,912 m to 5,159 m (16,926 ft) in Gollapalli flowing 300,016.9 cu. m/d (10.6 MMcf/d). It is the second gas discovery in Block KG-ONN-2004/1, following the 1-Dangeru well.