How Mobile is Enabling Faster Mitigation in the Digital Oil Field

Mobile solutions bring data-driven analytics and constant connectivity to oil and gas producers, helping them make key operating decisions faster and more accurately than ever.

(Source: OspreyData)

As more oil and gas producers embrace digital oilfield transformations, teams are becoming comfortable and skilled in using unified monitoring, data-driven analytics and automation in their daily engineering and surveillance work. These solutions cater to the engineer behind a desk, while mobile solutions for engineers and lease operators have been overlooked. 

Easing communication, real-time notifications and well data collection is critical for preventive well maintenance and the fast diagnosis of issues. Mobile delivers these capabilities readily and helps producers profit from digital field investments for three key reasons. 

In its research, OspreyData have heard many producers identify that reporting and team communication still happens in paper logs, spreadsheets, email and text. Essential processes such as filing field ticket requests, communicating with operators and field data capture happen using this mix of methods, where valuable knowledge is at risk of being lost and hard to share across teams. Using paper often requires data to be entered twice which can cause delays and inaccuracies. Spreadsheets may not be stored in a cloud environment and are subject to data loss. Email and SMS are where many key conversations happen and valuable knowledge from problem-solving and resolution is often lost completely without ever being shared.

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