Executive Q&A: Patterson-UTI VP of Tech Shares Next Step in ESG Improvements

Through its application of energy-efficient services in traditional oil and gas operations, Patterson-UTI is ensuring drillers are able to operate both sustainably and productively.

(Source: Pan Demin/Shutterstock)

Service providers in the oil and gas industry are met with the challenge of staying loyal to their original goals of supplying oil and gas operations while adjusting to the widespread changes the industry is undergoing.

As Houston-based service provider Patterson-UTI evaluates the needs of its customers, it has turned its attention to automated systems and renewable partnerships while never losing sight of its original goals of providing assistance with oil and gas operations.

In an exclusive interview with Hart Energy, Katy Holst Dickson, vice president of technology at Patterson-UTI, shared how the company is adapting to the changing needs of the oil and gas industry, from creating award-winning carbon capture technology to reducing energy consumption across each aspect of the work site.

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Madison Ratcliff

Madison Ratcliff is an associate editor for Hart Energy's editorial team.