Evaluating Well Performance in Real Time with Automated Rate Transient Analysis

Visualization software speeds up the time-demanding process of monitoring and analyzing well data throughout each day.

By Adam Swartley, Revo Testing Technologies
Revo iQ visualization software

Revo iQ visualization software allows users to instantly access real-time well performance diagnostics, bottomhole pressure and comparison plotting. (Source: Revo Testing)

As unconventional oil and gas plays mature, there has been an increasing push to optimize production throughout a well’s life cycle.  This need has led to the development of numerous technology advancements in the tools and analysis the industry uses to drill, complete and produce wells. Revo Testing Technologies has been focused on developing automated well performance analysis technology and tools for both short- and long-term production. Existing solutions for monitoring reservoir and completion performance are time-consuming and are not suited for real-time operations.

As E&P firms look to streamline their operations, engineering teams are often asked to do more with less. For many engineers, there is not enough time in the day to perform a rate transient analysis on every well to track how reservoir performance is changing over time. Analysis of early production data may require licenses for two to three software packages with data juggling between them that can take hours to discern. During the critical IP phase of an unconventional well, it is vital to understand changes in reservoir performance to drive both the choke schedule and artificial lift plans.

Manually recorded data that are provided periodically to operators in emails or text messages is an archaic process, better suited to the oil field of the 1990s. The Revo iQ software was created to speed up the time-demanding process of monitoring and analyzing well data throughout each day. Revo iQ gives operators the ability to view a live stream of flowback, well test and production data from any source including Revo’s automated well testing system, any third-party field measurements or the operator's SCADA systems.  

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