I'm Jennifer Pallanich, senior technology editor, hosting Tech Trends for Hart Energy Live at CERAWeek by S&P Global. 

Jennifer Pallanich, senior technology editor, Hart Energy: I'm here with Chevron's Barbara Harrison to learn about what's new and interesting in offsets in emerging technology. What is Chevron thinking about when it comes to emerging technologies?

Barbara Harrison, vice president of offsets and emerging technology, Chevron: Carbon capture utilization and storage. Building hydrogen businesses, delivering the next generation of lower carbon intensity renewable fuels. And my area of focus is on carbon credits or offsets, and also the next level of emerging technology. What will be that next generation of lower carbon technology?

JP: What is Chevron doing in the world of offsets that maybe other companies aren't doing right now?

BH: We're building on a lot of the great work that we've already been doing in our trading organization, but we're taking that one step forward and looking to partner to be able to actually bring new projects to bear.

JP: You're really interested in geothermal. Tell me more.

BH: We're looking at those advanced closed loop and EGS systems, or enhanced geothermal systems. And the really exciting part about this is, previously geothermal was really limited by geography. With these novel technologies, you can actually create this renewable base loaded very, very low carbon energy source and expand it much more broadly than we ever were able to before. It's going to take all of the solutions to be able to tackle these big challenges.

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