I'm Jennifer Pallanich, senior technology editor with your first episode of Hart Energy Live's E&P Tech Trends. I'm out in the field at Patterson-UTI's Houston rig-up yard to tour the company's newest addition: Rig 567.

This new rig conversion has enhanced capabilities that are targeted at meeting U.S. land drilling challenges. Rig 567's Coretex automation capability and racking capacity is definitely a tech trend we are paying special attention to. Let's go check it out.

David Millwee, vice president of drilling performance, Patterson-UTI: So what we're seeing here is this is our 567, the first rig that we've converted to our internal current power system, which allows us to enable to run all of our Coretex applications and automations, is really enhancing it to take the additional well requirements from our customers. Again, this one, the rack back capacity -  up to 30,000 ft. We've seen added capacity as we push laterals further and further, they need to be able to rack that pipe and walk it from well to well on a given pad. And so this one's been beefed up to take that additional capacity.

We've had other rigs come through the yard that do the same thing. It's just a natural progression as we continue to push the limits of the wells, drive 'em deep, drive 'em farther - how do we have the capability to deliver the results of the customer?

And that's Hart Energy Live's E&P Tech Trends with me, Jennifer Pallanich. Every Tuesday, we'll drill into the tech that fuels the oil patch.

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