I'm Jennifer Pallanich, senior technology editor for Tech Trends with Hart Energy Live at CERAWeek by S&P Global. 

Jennifer Pallanich, senior technology editor, Hart Energy: I'm here with Exxon Mobil’s Stafanie Asher to learn about the methane detection technology the super major is using in its journey to near zero methane emissions from its operated assets in the Permian by 2030. 

Stafanie Asher, Permian realization manager, Exxon Mobil: So this is our new virtual reality experience, which will walk you through some of our recent technology deployments to mitigate methane across our assets in our Permian Basin. And those technologies are going to be used based on each of our asset types. So we're using a metal oxide detector, which will do a survey of our sites and their sort of fence line technology.

And then we're also going to be deploying an OGI type camera at some of our sites. And that will actually allow us to visualize the methane plumes and help our operators determine where and how they need to respond. We're also using a variety of different equipment sensors based on the sites to determine also which types of equipment we're having methane releases in, all with the objective to respond as fast as possible. And really looking forward to, in a few years, deploying satellite monitoring that can partner with the ground.

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