E&P Case Study: Improving Cementing Operations in North Sea Wells

Here’s how the Baker Hughes SealBond LT Spacer System is enhancing wellbore stability and improving cementing operations for North Sea E&P operators.

(Source: Shutterstock.com)

Cementing operations can be difficult in North Sea wells, as complex lithologies often thwart standard techniques for achieving zonal isolation. In the region’s weak and unconsolidated formations, lifting heavier cement between the wellbore and casing or liner can compromise the integrity of both the formation and the cement. Shallow gas flow and lost circulation challenges can add to the complexity.

Deploying the right cement spacer technology is critical to the success of these operations. In the Norwegian sector of the North Sea, SealBond LT has proven to allow an operator to reach the programmed top of cement (TOC) in several Askepott wells.

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