Disrupting the Shale Play: Raising the Bar in Flow Control Assurance

In an industry keen to maximize efficiency, shale service providers continue to explore durable and reliable solutions that extend pump hours and add tangible value to their operations and those of their clients.

(Source: Hart Energy)

Hydraulic fracturing generates one of the most demanding environments in the hydrocarbon industry for human and mechanical assets. Pressure pumpers paid by the stage or pump hour make every effort to keep their equipment operating 24 hours/day avoiding non-productive time (NPT). Any reduction in repairs, maintenance or equipment swap has a direct impact to the time equals dollar equation, and this space has every single manager’s attention.

Over the near term, highly impactful capex items like dual-fuel technologies, gas turbines, electric systems, large-bore manifolds and high-pressure flex hose have taken center stage. These advancements in power, size and rates increasingly contribute to erosion and wear on ancillary iron, necessitating forward thinking on how to ensure these critical components match performance of the overall systems.

Gilmore’s history and expertise lie deep beneath the surface where harsh environments and critical service are the norm. We have adapted our subsea valve technology for the rigors of hydraulic fracturing to extend the performance, life and economics of pressure pumping operations by increasing maintenance intervals and reducing labor and NPT associated with check valves.

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