DeNovo Boasts Tech Advantage to Monetize Stranded Gas in Trinidad

DeNovo Energy is using technologies from natural user interface to asset integrity management to continuous monitor operations at two platforms offshore Trinidad and Tobago.

The platform for Zandolie is powered 100% by renewable energy, drawing on an abundance of wind and solar sources. (Source: DeNovo Energy Ltd.)

DeNovo Energy Ltd. successfully brought online the Iguana and Zandolie natural gas developments offshore Trinidad and Tobago in Block 1(a), adding supply through the monetization of stranded gas reserves and use of unmanned platforms that boast unique technological and carbon emission advantages.

Iguana has nameplate delivery capacity of 80 MMcf/d while Zandolie, tied to Iguana, has a capacity of 40 MMcf/d. Combined the platforms have the potential to deliver much-need gas for consumption by petrochemical plants in Point Lisas Industrial Estate located in the central-west region of Trinidad.

“There are many opportunities in the Gulf of Paria that we are exploring and with Zandolie being tied in to Iguana, we have proof of concept that Iguana can become a hub for further development in the Gulf of Paria,” DeNovo told Hart Energy in an emailed response to questions on July 29.

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Pietro Pitts

Pietro Donatello Pitts is a senior energy reporter for Hart Energy. He covers Latin America and the Caribbean as well as regions from North America to Europe, Africa and Asia. He covers topics spanning from the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors to the energy transition and geopolitical events impacting the global energy sector.