Deepwater Completions: Impact on Gulf of Mexico Lower Tertiary Production

Here’s a look at the impact Halliburton’s ESTMZ system has had on the way that completions are performed and a new system that specifically addresses the increasing demands of the Gulf of Mexico Lower Tertiary.

XSTMZ Xtreme Single-Trip Multizone System (Source: Halliburton)

The ESTMZ system concept originated in the mid-2000s to increase the performance envelope and drive further operational simplicity of the already field-proven HAL STMZ system. This new system specifically addressed the increasing demands of the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) Lower Tertiary. After considerable concept development, planning and research, Halliburton moved forward with system design and manufacture leading up to several system integration tests and full-scale field trials.

Then, in the summer of 2012, Halliburton installed the first commercial ESTMZ system completion in the Lower Tertiary. Now, some 10 years later, more than 10% of the total production output in the GoM is being produced through the completion systems that Halliburton designed, manufactured, and installed.

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