The Cyberphysical Realm: What’s Next for the Upstream Sector?

Digital experts offer deep insights on how remote operations, IoT and digital twins are evolving in today’s fast-changing environment.

Hart Energy - The Cyberphysical Realm - E&P

As the oil and gas industry adapts to its new reality, new technologies are playing a key role in helping companies make better data-driven decisions. In an exclusive roundtable discussion, senior executives of digital agreed that advancements in AI, augmented reality and data management are all driving the transformation of the industry as it transitions to a low-carbon future.

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Faiza Rizvi

Faiza Rizvi is a senior associate editor of Business & ESG for Hart Energy's editorial department, with a strong focus on E&P Plus and She has been covering all facets of the U.S. and international energy industry for over 5 years.