Advanced Drilling Technologies Helping to Drive Down Costs

Autonomous and predictive drilling helps increase efficiencies, resulting in improved margins.

The autonomous downhole control system enables the downhole tools to compute DLS and TF, making adjustments each second to steering parameters that keep on the trajectory plane. Corrections are made when and where needed, so placement is more accurate and borehole quality is smoother. (Source: Schlumberger)

Margins are up and costs are down for shale producers, resulting in yet another resurgence for the resilient shale industry. Thanks to growing pressure from investors, operators are generating billions of dollars in free cash flow this year, and one of the reasons for those margins are lowering operating costs.

And what’s helping drive down those costs? Continued efficiencies gained through innovative technology making its ways to the oilfield. And while production efficiencies help fuel the shale boom, drilling innovations are still playing a major role in driving down costs.

Autonomous drilling rigs, downhole control systems and drill-ahead predictive technologies are helping reduce costs, drilling time and more precisely place the wellbore within the desired zone.

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Brian Walzel

Brian Walzel is senior editor for Hart Energy’s E&P Plus.