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  • In Eddy County, N.M., EOG Resources Inc. completed the 701H Stella Blue 30 Federal Com well in the Wolfcamp that flowed 2,478 bbl of oil, 14.43 MMcf of gas and 7,757 bbl of water per day. The Purple Sage Field well is in Section 30-26s-31e. It was tested on a 64/64-in. choke and the shut-in casing pressure was 2,513 psi. Production is from fractured perforations at 11,500 ft to 21,067 ft, and it was drilled to 21,231 ft (11,015 ft true vertical depth). 
  • Oxy USA Inc. announced results from a Cotton Draw Field well in Eddy County, N.M. The Platinum MDP1 34 3 Federal Com 001H is in Section 34-23s-31e, and it produced 2,257 bbl of oil, 3.166 MMcf of gas and 5,464 bbl of water per day. The well was drilled to the north to 20,219 ft (10,068 ft true vertical depth), and production is from acidized and fractured perforations at 9,626 ft to 20,182 ft. It was tested on a 64/64-in. choke, and the shut-in casing pressure was 709 psi.
  • In Lea County, N.M., EOG Resources Inc. announced results from a Wolfcamp completion in Section 16-25sS-33e. The Green Drake 16 Fed Com 703H well produced 4,077 bbl of oil, 7.957 MMcf of gas and 8,420 bbl of water per day. The Draper Mill Field well was drilled to 19,986 ft (12,400 ft true vertical depth) and was drilled to the northeast. Gauged on a 52/64-in. choke, the shut-in casing pressure was 2,957 psi, and production is from a fractured and perforated zone at 12,861 ft to 19,995 ft. 
  • EOG Resources Inc. completed two Bobcat Draw discoveries in Section 19-25s-34e in Lea County, N.M. The Javelina 30 Federal 702H well was drilled to the northwest to 20,129 ft (12,530 ft true vertical depth) and was tested flowing 4,400 bbl of oil, 7.049 MMcf of gas and 6,884 bbl of water per day from the Wolfcamp at 13,121 ft to 20,796 ft. Tested on a 54/64-in. choke, the shut-in casing pressure was 2,427 psi. From the same pad, the Javelina 30 Federal 701H well produced 4,218 bbl of 42-degree-gravity oil with 7.382 MMcf of gas and 8,430 bbl of water per day from Wolfcamp perforations at 12,894 ft to 20,421 ft. It was drilled to 20,451 ft (12,473 ft true vertical depth) and tested on a 52/64-in. choke after fracturing. 
  • RP Operating LLC announced a horizontal Wolfcamp oil well in Reagan County (RRC Dist. 7C), Texas, in a portion of the Midland Basin. The Cider A 203-226 1H well pumped 1,136 bbl of oil, 927,000 cf of gas and 1,036 bbl of water per day from Spraberry. The discovery is in Section 203 in Block 1 in the TP&RR Co Survey, A-562. It was drilled to 17,676 ft (7,158 ft true vertical depth) and bottomed about 2 miles to the south in Section 226. Production is from perforations at 7,770 ft to 17,620 ft.
  • A Cherokee completion by Valpoint Operating LLC was tested flowing 470 bbl of 44-degree-gravity oil, 3.075 MMcf of gas and 2,930 bbl of water per day. The Weston 36-25 1H well is in Section 1-17n-23w in Ellis County, Okla., and is in Peek South Field. It was drilled to 18,450 ft (9,940 ft true vertical depth). Production is from acidized and fractured perforations at 10,347 ft to 18,361 ft.
  • In Blaine County, Okla., Marathon Oil Corp. completed three Mississippian producers. The Watonga-Chickasha Trend wells were drilled from a pad in Section 23-15n-11w. The Chapman 1511 No. 3-23-26MXH well was drilled to 19,291 ft (11,431 ft true vertical depth) and produced 1,802 bbl of oil, 6.36 MMcf of gas and 2,392 bbl of water per day. It was tested on an 18/64-in. choke, and production is from perforations at 11,429 ft to 19,170 ft. The Chapman 1511 No. 4-23-26MXH well was drilled to 19,578 ft (11,858 ft true vertical depth) and produced 764 bbl of oil, 3.331 MMcf of gas and 3,413 bbl of water per day. It was tested on an 18/64-in. choke, with production from perforations at 11,720 ft to 19,364 ft. The Chapman 1511 No. 5-23-26MXH was drilled to 19,370 ft (11,643 ft true vertical depth) and produced 1,867 bbl of oil, 6.955 MMcf of gas and 2,170 bbl of water per day. It was tested on a 20/64-in. choke, and production is from perforations at 11,642 ft to 19,173 ft.
  • Devon Energy Corp. has completed three Watonga-Chickasha Trend-Meramec producers from an Anadarko Basin pad in Section 12-15n-11w in Blaine County, Okla. The Everett 12_1-15N-11W 3HX well initially produced 1,890 bbl of 47-degree-gravity oil, 4.07 MMcf of gas and 887 bbl of water per day through perforations at 11,344 ft to 20,831 ft. It was drilled to the north to 21,208 ft (10,837 ft true vertical depth) and bottomed in Section 1-15n-11w. About 30 ft to the north, the Everett 12_1-15N-11W 4HX well flowed 1,756 bbl of oil with 3.82 MMcf of gas and 612 bbl of water per day. It was drilled to the north 21,167 ft (10,641 ft true vertical depth), and production is from perforations at 11,180 ft to 20,789 ft in a parallel lateral that bottomed in Section 1-15n-11w. The Everett 12_1-15N-11w 2HX well was tested flowing 1,578 bbl of oil, 3.32 MMcf of gas and 633 bbl of water per day. It was drilled to 21,357 ft (10,714 ft true vertical depth) and bottomed in Section 1-15n-11w. Production is from perforations at 11,601 ft to 20,978 ft. All wells were tested on a 26/64-in. choke and all fracture-stimulated.
  • In Kingfisher County, Okla., Marathon Oil Corp. announced results from an Upper Meramec discovery at the Mike Stroud Bia 1509 2-28-33MXH well. The Altona Field venture is in Section 33-15n-9w, and it was drilled to 20,222 ft (10,715 ft true vertical depth). It produced 9.211 MMcf of gas and 1,285 bbl of oil per day. The well was drilled to 20,222 ft (10,715 ft true vertical depth).
  • A Woodford completion by Gulfport Energy Corp. in Grady County, Okla., flowed 19.963 MMcf of gas and 4,500 bbl of water per day. The Kael 1-17X20H well is in Section 17-4n-6w and was drilled to 27,508 ft with a true vertical depth of 17,655 ft. It was tested after acidizing and fracturing, and it produces from 17,785 ft to 26,585 ft.
  • Gulfport Energy Corp. announced completion results for two horizontal Woodford producers in Grady County, Okla. According to IHS Markit, the Jeannie 3-27X34H well was drilled in Section 27-5n-6w and initially flowed 21.5 MMcf of gas, 628 bbl of 56-degree-gravity condensate and 2,763 bbl of water per day. It was drilled to 21,455 ft (15,215 ft true vertical depth) and bottomed in Section 34-5n-6w with production from perforations at 15,350 ft to 21,308 ft. About 20 ft north on the pad, the Jeannie 4-27X34H well flowed 15.4 MMcf of gas, 558 bbl of condensate and 1,621 bbl of water per day. It was tested on a 34/64-in. choke and is producing from perforations at 15,252 ft to 21,619 ft. The venture was drilled to 21,770 ft (15,229 ft true vertical depth). The Chitwood Field wells were acidized and fracture-stimulated.
  • In Denton County (RRC Dist. 9), Texas, Devon Energy Corp. reported results from a Barnett Shale discovery in Newark East Field. The Mcrae Deussen L 7H well was tested flowing 3.299 MMcf of gas, 23 bbl of condensate and 356 bbl of water per day from perforations at 7,862 ft to 11,964 ft. The well was drilled to 12,098 ft (8,034 ft true vertical depth) in Joseph Humphries Survey, A-513, and it bottomed in Benjamin Matthews Survey, A-848. It was acidized and fractured, and production is from perforations at 7,862 ft to 11,964 ft.


  • Samson Resources completed a Frontier producer in Section 29-39n-74w in Converse County, Wyo. The Allemand Fed 21-2017 39-74FH well was tested flowing 1,327 bbl of oil, 4.367 MMcf of gas and 493 bbl of water per day. The Hornbuckle Field well was drilled to 22,711 ft (10,533 ft true vertical depth). It was tested on a 22/64-in. choke with a shut-in tubing pressure of 4,029 psi and a flowing tubing pressure of 3,322 psi, and it bottomed in Section 17-39n-74w. Production is from fractured perforations at 12,761 ft to 22,439 ft.
  • EOG Resources Inc. announced results from two Crossbow Field-Parkman completions in Section 8-41n-72w of Campbell County, Wyo. The directionally drilled Arbalest 410-0820H well was drilled to 17,885 ft (7,786 ft true vertical depth) and was tested flowing 1,292 bbl of oil, 2.917 MMcf of gas and 2,236 bbl of water per day. Production is from fractured perforations at 8,190 ft to 17,782 ft. About 20 ft to the northeast, the Arbalest 411-0820H well flowed 1,018 bbl of oil, 3,287 cf of gas and 2,598 bbl of water per day. Production is from perforations at 8,803 ft to 19,094 ft. The well was drilled to 19,094 ft (7,793 ft true vertical depth) and was tested after acidizing and fracturing.
  • A Niobrara discovery by Devon Energy Corp. in the Powder River initially flowed 1,423 bbl of oil, 1.073 MMcf of gas and 1,110 bbl of water per day. The SDU Tillard-Federal 18-193771-5XNH well is in Section 18-37n-71w in Converse County, Wyo. The Scott Field well is producing from a Niobrara lateral drilled to the south to 20,672 ft (11,191 ft true vertical depth), at a bottomhole location in Section 19-37n-71w. It was tested on a 24/64-in. choke following a 30-stage fracturing between 11,285 ft and 20,504 ft, and the flowing tubing pressure was 1,850 psi.
  • Chesapeake Operating Inc. has completed a horizontal Turner producer that initially flowed 2,518 bbl of 40.8-degree-gravity oil, 1.536 MMcf of gas and 1,318 bbl of water per day. The BB 19-35-70 USA B TR 21H well is in Section 19-35n-70w in Converse County, Wyo. Production is from a lateral drilled north-northeastward to 21,667 ft with a bottomhole location in Section 18-35n-71w. True vertical depth is 11,478 ft. It was tested on a 44/64-in. choke after 39-stage fracturing between 11,948 ft and 21,549 ft.
  • A Hess Corp. completion in McKenzie County, N.D., was tested flowing 10,626 bbl of oil, 27.6 MMcf of gas and 5,599 bbl of water per day. The An-Bohmbach 153-94-2734H-8 well is in Section 22-153n-94w. Production is from a horizontal Middle Bakken interval at 11,084 ft to 20,749 ft. The Antelope Field well was drilled to 20,749 ft (10,749 ft true vertical depth), and it was drilled to the south and bottomed in Section 34-153n-94w. Gauged on a 76/76-in. choke, the flowing casing pressure was 1,666 psi.
  • A horizontal Middle Bakken producer on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation by Marathon Oil Corp. flowed 8,448 bbl of oil with 7.083 MMcf of gas and 7,811 bbl of water per day. The Reyes-USA 21-16H well is in Section 9-150n-93w of Mountrail County, N.D. Production is from a two-section lateral extending from 11,140 ft southward to 21,227 ft (10,704 ft true vertical depth) at a bottomhole location in Section 21-150n-93w. It was tested on a 108/64-in. choke after 40-stage fracturing between 11,255 ft and 21,092 ft.


  • A Hawkville Field discovery by Lonestar Operating LLC in La Salle County (RRC Dist. 1), Texas, produced 7.069 MMcf of gas and 553 bbl of condensate from the Eagle Ford. The Horned Frog F-B 1H well is in Section 21 in T&NO RR CO Survey, A-687. It was drilled to 22,520 ft (9,559 ft true vertical depth) and bottomed in Section 145 in John H Gibson Survey, A-727. Production is from perforations at 10,221 ft to 22,390 ft.
  • In LaSalle County (RRC Dist. 1), Texas, Lewis Petroleum Properties Inc. reported a Hawkville Field-Eagle Ford completion that flowed 11.68 MMcf of gas and 750 bbl of water per day. The Martin-Schubert-Craft PSA B 9HR well is in Section 8 in GC&SF RR CO Survey, A-1715. It was drilled to 17,591 ft (10,935 ft true vertical depth) and bottomed in HE&WT RR CO Survey, A-1303. Gauged on a 22/64-in. choke, the flowing casing pressure was 5,640 psi and the shut-in casing pressure was 6,342 psi. Production is from acidized and fractured perforations at 10,932 ft to 17,229 ft.
  • IHS Markit reported that EOG Resources Inc. completed four horizontal Eagle Ford wells in Eagleville Field in Karnes County (RRC Dist. 2), Texas. The ventures were completed from a common drillpad in Section 29 in Newton H. Morris Survey, A-456. The Korora D 4H well was tested flowing 2,572 bbl of 34-degree-gravity crude, 908,000 cf of gas and 1,633 bbl of water per day through acid- and fracture-treated perforations at 8,581 ft to 18,197 ft. The flowing tubing pressure was 1,010 psi during testing on a 40/64-in. choke. The well was drilled to 18,294 ft (9,122 ft true vertical depth) and bottomed 2 miles to the southeast in Section 49 in George Rounds Survey, A-248. The Korora A 1H well was tested flowing 1,560 bbl of crude, 542,000 cf of gas and 1,851 bbl of water from 8,647 ft to 18,169 ft. It was drilled to 18,259 ft (9,076 true vertical depth). The Korora B 2H well was drilled to 18,241 ft (9,097 true vertical depth) and was tested flowing 1,789 bbl of oil, 624,000 cf of gas and 1,749 bbl of oil per day. The Korora C 3H well was drilled to 18,217 ft (9,065 ft true vertical depth) and flowed 1,738 bbl of oil, 581,000 cf of gas and 1,889 bbl of water per day.
  • Two Eagle Ford-Eagleville Field wells were completed by Penn Virginia Oil Corp. in Joseph McCoy Survey, A-46, in Gonzales County (RRC Dist. 1), Texas. The RCRS-Jane 6H well was tested flowing 1,067 bbl of oil with 670,000 cf of gas per day. It was drilled to 15,774 ft (10,383 ft true vertical depth) and is producing from an acidized and fractured zone at 11,041 ft to 15,459 ft. The RCRS-Jane 7H well flowed 832 bbl of oil, 494,000 cf of gas and 463 bbl of water per day. It was drilled to 17,350 ft (10,194 ft true vertical depth), and production is from acidized and fractured perforations at 11,118 ft to 17,253 ft.
  • Rosewood Resources Inc. completed two Eagle Ford producers from a drillpad in Section 46 in Isbell Alexander Survey, A-286, in Gonzales County (RRC Dist. 2), Texas. The Double T Ranch 3H well was drilled to 14,840 ft (9,891 ft true vertical depth), and it produced 885 bbl of oil, 272,000 cf of gas and 1,984 bbl of water per day. Production is from fractured perforations at 10,697 ft to 14,786 ft. Tested on a 26/64-in. choke, the flowing tubing pressure was 1,255 psi. The Double T Ranch 4H well was drilled to 15,894 ft (9,892 ft true vertical depth), and it flowed 846 bbl of oil, 276,000 cf of gas and an unreported amount of water per day from perforations at 9,977 ft to 15,826 ft.


  • Gulfport Energy announced results from three Utica Shale wells drilled from a pad in Section 11-4n-5W in Ohio’s Monroe County. The Paulus 210594 3B well was drilled to 19,762 ft (9,683 ft true vertical depth), and it bottomed in Section 18 flowing 17.422 MMcf of gas and 399 bbl of water per day from an unreported zone. The Paulus 211267 9B was drilled to 18,124 ft (9,933 ft true vertical). It bottomed in Section 3 and was tested after acidizing and fracturing flowing 15.217 MMcf of gas and 625 bbl of water per day from an unreported interval. The Paulus 211268 5B well was drilled to 18,868 ft (9,975 ft true vertical depth), and it bottomed in Section 4. It produced 14.093 MMcf of gas and 305 bbl of water per day from an acidized and fractured zone at 10,783 ft to 18,724 ft.
  • Ascent Resources completed a Utica Shale discovery in Belmont County, Ohio. The Pang WHL BL 2H well is in Section 20-8n-4w and was drilled to 16,355 ft (9,234 ft true vertical depth). From perforations at 9,438 ft to 16,186 ft, it flowed 14.526 MMcf of gas and 520 bbl of water per day. Additional completion information is not available from the Harrisville Consolidated Field well.
  • Antero Resources Corp. announced two Ritchie County, W. Va., Marcellus discoveries in Clay Dist., Pennsboro 7.5 Quad in Stanley Field. The Graben Unit 1H well was tested flowing 85.1 bbl of oil, 10.986 MMcf of gas and 782 bbl of water per day. Production is from Marcellus perforations at 6,988 ft to 13,861 ft, and it was drilled to 14,059 ft (6,684 ft true vertical depth). The Graben Unit 3H well was drilled in a parallel lateral to 14,063 ft (6,843 ft true vertical depth). It flowed 10.765 MMcf of gas and 756 bbl of water per day with a shut-in casing pressure of 3,000 psi. Production is from acidized and fractured perforations at 7,252 ft to 13,943 ft.
  • A new field discovery was reported by Southwestern Production Co. in Tioga County, Pa. The Marcellus Shale producer, Connolly B 5H, initially produced 28.8 MMcf/d of gas with a shut-in casing pressure of 3,507 psi. It is in Section 4, Liberty 7.5 Quad, Liberty Township and bottomed out to the west. Production is from fractured perforations at 7,556 ft to 16,191 ft.
  • In Section 5, Auburn Center 7.5 Quad, Auburn Township in Susquehanna County, Pa., Chesapeake Operating Inc. completed two high-volume Marcellus Shale-Jessup Field wells. The Angie 6HC well was tested flowing 65.54 MMcf of gas from perforations at 7,546 ft to 22,992 ft and was tested after 62-stage fracturing with a shut-in casing pressure of 3,250 psi. It was drilled to 23,121 ft (7,600 ft true vertical depth). The Claude 5H well produced 39.973 MMcf of gas from perforations at 7,481 ft to 13,342 ft. It was tested on an unreported choke size with a shut-in casing pressure of 3,250 psi. The 13,434-ft well has a true vertical depth of 7,432 ft and was acidized and fractured in 23 stages.
  • Chesapeake Operating Inc. reported a Marcellus Shale discovery in Wyoming County, Pa. The Mehoopany Field completion is in Section 3, Meshoppen 7.5 Quad, Meshoppen Township. The Slumber Valley 3H well produced 36.742 MMcf/d of gas with no water from perforations at 7,658 ft to 14,440 ft. It was drilled to 14,509 ft (7,337 ft true vertical depth) and was fractured in 28 stages.

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