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Grow Canada! Increased Production Boosts Energy Security

U.S. refineries drink in heavy crude, but domestic politics are always a hurdle.

Exclusive: ABS Moving Forward with Offshore CCUS Projects

Experts from offshore operator ABS discuss the company’s sustainability measures for marine and offshore industries and limitations with decarbonization techniques, in this Hart Energy Exclusive interview.  

Exclusive: Blue Latitudes’ Ever-evolving Process to Decommission Offshore Rigs to Reefs

Environmental consulting firm Blue Latitudes looks at decommissioned offshore rigs as potential fisheries habitats, and the process is always evolving as the energy industry evolves, Amber Sparks, co-founder of Blue Latitudes, told Hart Energy's Jordan Blum at the Offshore Technology Conference. 

Balmoral Focusing on ‘Buoyant’ Offshore Wind Sector

Balmoral’s sales director Gary Yeoman discusses trends in the offshore energy industry and introduces the company’s scour protection system in this Hart Energy Exclusive interview.

Exclusive: How Baker Hughes is Cracking Down on Oil, Gas Emissions

Baker Hughes' senior vice president of strategy and technologies, Attilio Pisoni, addresses the oil and gas industry's responsibility in reducing its carbon footprint and gives an overview on the company's sustainability operations in this Hart Energy Exclusive interview. 

Aramco Credits Adaptability, Collaboration for Driving Innovation

Aramco’s implementation of different approaches has led to the creation and commercialization of newer products, said Max Deffenbaugh, principal scientist for Aramco, at the 2024 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston.

Petrobras Not in a Race with Guyana to Boost Production, CEO Says

While Brazil and Guyana aren’t necessarily competing to see which country can produce more oil, Petrobras’ CEO Jean Paul Prates jokingly said Brazil was winning, while adding that Bolivia’s falling production was an opportunity for Argentina.

Exclusive: ChampionX Innovation Needed to Drill the Incremental Barrel

Soma Somasundaram, president and CEO of ChampionX, emphasized the need to innovate when drilling for the incremental barrel, as well as the oilfield services sector’s role in the path to net zero.

Tech Trends, OTC Edition: Drills & Bits

In this month’s Tech Trends, which takes place at the 2024 Offshore Technology Conference, new drilling technologies are on display as well as other bits that ensure efficient operations.

OTC: E&Ps Improving Operational Safety with Digitization

Artificial intelligence and the digitization of the oilfield have allowed for several improvements in keeping operators out of harm’s way, panelists said during the 2024 Offshore Technology Conference.