Popularity for Longer Laterals Grows in Permian Basin

With inflation playing a sizable role in Permian Basin operators’ spending, longer laterals could be a solution to offsetting inflationary costs, says Rystad’s Cole Wolf.

DUG Permian, Eagle Ford: New E&P Math and Energy’s Pivotal Moment

Things have changed for the upstream sector and the first quarter proves it, according to energy analyst Subash Chandra, who shared several of his takeaways at Hart Energy’s DUG Permian Basin and Eagle Ford conference and exhibition on May 16.

Petroleum Sector Positioning: A Late-stage Pandemic Perspective

In this complex moment in time for the oil industry, Tom Petrie, chairman, Petrie Partners, takes a look at oil recovery trends, energy policy headwinds, geopolitical drivers and the re-inflation of energy.

DUG Permian: Bigger: Callon Petroleum Spotlight with Rex Bigler

Callon Petroleum has built an enviable Permian platform beginning in 2009 from the beginning of a strategic, just-in-time Gulf of Mexico exit.

DUG Permian: Midland South, North & East

The southern Midland offers a dial-a-hydrocarbon portfolio of rock. The far northern Midland delivers nearly all black gold. And the conventional Strawn on the Eastern Shelf is making nice wells when giving it horizontals.

Experts: Midstream M&A Primed to Take Off

DUG Permian panelists acknowledge the challenges posed by ESG and climate concerns in the post-COVID finance environment, but expect cheap debt and higher valuations to push midstream deals forward.

DUG Permian: Spotlight with University Lands CEO Joe Quoyeser

Here’s news from University Lands’ new CEO.

DUG Permian: Water: A Spotlight with Sourcewater CEO Josh Adler

Learn the latest on Permian water supply and demand.

DUG Permian: Heard at the Shale Shaker: Tech Talk

Artificial intelligence, automation, plug-in fracs, emissions capture and more. These oilfield-service experts describe what’s in the works today.

DUG Permian: OFS 2021: Still Solving for Oil & Gas with Daniel Energy Partners

Just as oilfield-services firms played a significant role in solving for shale economics, they’re solving for 2021 and beyond.