Tug Hill Operating

Tug Hill Operating is being recognized with a 2021 Energy ESG Top Performers Award in the private E&P category.

Tug Hill Operating - ESG

Drilling operations are being conducted on Tug Hill’s 100th well, the Woodford 8HU, a Utica/Point Pleasant well in Marshall County, W.Va., with the Mitchell Power Plant (coal fired) in the background. (Source: Tug Hill Operating)

Energy ESG Awards

Environmental accomplishments: 

Tug Hill Operating has demonstrated its commitment to environmental stewardship through the company’s full life-cycle development planning efforts that prioritize minimizing environmental impacts while taking proactive actions to minimize both methane and greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions across the company’s development and production operations. Tug Hill’s participation in both ONE Future and The Environmental Partnership highlights the company’s commitment to ESG initiatives that facilitate the reduction of emissions, particularly methane emissions, and further improve the company’s overall environmental performance. 

In 2021 Tug Hill partnered with Project Canary to implement a four-pad (45-well) pilot utilizing Project Canary’s real-time monitoring solution while simultaneously completing TrustWell certification, an independent and third-party certification process that evaluates each well across 600 operational indicators measuring the company’s commitment to responsibility on water, air, land and community factors. Tug Hill achieved the highest TrustWell certification level, Platinum certification, which is awarded to less than 10% of all wells. Through the combined efforts with the TrustWell, Tug Hill continues to demonstrate that it takes its responsibility seriously and it is committed to leading, learning and providing elevated transparency to all of its stakeholders, including its employees, contractors, community members, regulatory bodies and investors. 

The collective efforts to reduce overall emissions intensity have resulted in reductions of both GHG intensity and methane emissions intensity by 45% and 56%, respectively YoY. These emissions reductions have been realized through the implementation of closed-loop facility designs, replacement of Legacy on-pad generators by investing in grid power infrastructure to pads, converting facilities from supply gas to instrument air and utilizing dual fuel solutions across drilling and completion operations. 

From 2018 to 2020, Tug Hill reduced its methane intensity from 0.072% to 0.01%, representing an 86% reduction in methane emissions intensity. Since first-quarter 2018, Tug Hill has worked to ensure that 100% of the company’s produced water has been reused across their operations while also partnering with offset operators to enable the reuse of more than 1 MMbbl of third-party produced water in Tug Hill’s development operations.

Societal efforts: 

Tug Hill has been an active supporter of various community organizations and programs within the Marshall and Wetzel County community. The company’s efforts have been focused on local giving, sponsorship and community support to organizations near the company’s active operations. These programs support the company’s efforts to build relationships, trust and a true partnership within its local communities. 

To promote safety, Tug Hill employees are educated and trained on proper procedures and precautions. Tug Hill utilizes fit-for-purpose technology across the company’s operations and maintains its equipment to the highest possible standards. This includes conducting regular site inspections, implementing safety programs and monitoring all activity. The company’s commitment is to be responsible stewards of the environment and ensure the safety of the people in the communities where it operates. Tug Hill is always looking for talented and passionate individuals to join its team, and the company is committed to hiring employees and working with contractors in the local communities where it operates.

Governance achievements:

Tug Hill is focused on demonstrating its commitment to HSE and ESG excellence, and the company has made significant strides across each of these areas. The company’s holistic long-term view of oil and gas development is evidenced through their proactive efforts regarding ESG initiatives and overall corporate responsibility, including the implementation of an anonymous ethics reporting hotline, the implementation of cybersecurity policies to mitigate risks associated with data breaches, business interruption and network damage, and the enhancement of the company’s HSE and ESG reporting. 

The company believes in ethical business practices, high safety standards and an exceptional focus on preserving the environment in the communities where it works and operates. Tug Hill has a dedicated staff of HSE and regulatory compliance professionals that work across the operations to implement programs and institute procedures to achieve the development objectives in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Since inception, Tug Hill management has worked tirelessly to develop a culture emphasizing safe operations and environmental stewardship above all else.