Sentinel Peak Resources

Sentinel Peak Resources is being recognized with a 2021 Energy ESG Top Performers Award in the private E&P category.

Sentinel Peak Resources ESG

Sentinel Peak Resources’ oil and gas operation in the McKittrick oil field is located among the foothills of Western Kern County, Calif. (Source: Sentinel Peak Resources)

Energy ESG Awards

Environmental accomplishments: 

Sentinel Peak Resources is committed to addressing the risks that climate change poses to the planet and to its business. In that vein, Sentinel is implementing a three-part plan to reduce its carbon footprint and to achieve carbon neutrality for greenhouse-gas emissions by 2030 through improved efficiencies, adopting alternative energy sources and using new technologies, including the advancement of a carbon capture and sequestration project.

To date, Sentinel Peak has significantly improved steam operations through enhanced monitoring of steam floods throughout its asset base and has improved methane management with the addition of five tank vapor recovery systems that reduce CO2e emissions from crude oil storage tanks by 93%. Use of alternative energies such as renewable natural gas from offset landfills and installation of a photovoltaic solar array have further advanced the company’s carbon neutrality goals. 

Sentinel Peak Resources ESG
(Source: Sentinel Peak Resources)

Societal efforts: 

Sentinel provides meaningful financial and program support for charitable organizations and other youth programs in its operational communities throughout California.  

Sentinel is a business partner of the Taft Oil Technology Academy, located near its Bakersfield location, which develops partnerships between the petroleum industry, high school administrators and teachers that work with high school students who are interested in exploring careers related to the energy industry, science, math and engineering. Sentinel also mentors students as they focus on success in the industry or in further education upon graduation from high school.  

Sentinel also has launched a summer internship program specifically targeted at emancipated youth—young people that have aged out of foster care—intended to assist them in developing skills required to obtain field or administration jobs at a variety of employers.  

Sentinel supports local institutions, such as the Kern STEMposium where the company provides STEM education classroom materials and conducts in-class/afterschool education. Sentinel also provides STEM Education Scholarships to graduating seniors at Culver City High School, King Drew Medical Magnet and Dorsey High School.

Strategic urban housing partnerships, aligning Sentinel’s land divestiture goals with localized needs, have created an affordable housing development in Los Angeles, and a second future affordable student housing project is in the works. In the 500-acre Montebello oil field, located 15 miles west of Los Angeles, Sentinel worked with the City of Montebello and developers to redevelop the former oil field. Construction by nationally recognized developers is underway on 1,200 new housing units serving a wide array of socioeconomic needs, more than 270 acres of permanent conservation land and more than 20 acres of new public open space including 11 acres of parks and 9.5 miles of trails.

Sentinel recruits from various sources including local colleges, trade and professional organizations as well organizations specifically targeted at diverse members of the oil and gas industry and related professions. Sentinel has an average gender diversity of 18% and racial/ethnic diversity of 35%. 

Employee safety training as well as strict adherence to behavior-based safety policies has resulted in zero lost-time incidents since first-quarter 2019. 

Governance achievements:

Sentinel’s exceptional regulatory compliance has allowed it to successfully operate in California despite many headwinds in the oil and gas sector. The company complies with more than 700 permit and reporting requirements. Strict governance procedures combined with Sentinel’s advancements in environmental and social standards put it at the forefront of oil and gas companies in the Lower 48.

Sentinel values transparency in compliance and since 2018 has engaged Lighthouse Services to provide anonymous, independent third-party ethics hotline services available to all employees, suppliers and communities desiring to report a concern or suspected violation of the code of conduct. All issues raised are logged in a database and tracked until resolved.