Pioneer Natural Resources

Pioneer Natural Resources is being recognized with a 2021 Energy ESG Top Performers Award in the public E&P category.

Pioneer Natural Resources ESG

A Pioneer rig operates at sunset in the Midland Basin. (Source: Photography by James Durbin, courtesy of Pioneer Natural Resources)

Energy ESG Awards

Environmental accomplishments: 

Pioneer’s environmental initiative, Stewardship365, focuses on its responsibility to environmental stewardship each day of the year, whether at work or at home. Pioneer actively promotes environmental stewardship through employee engagement activities as well as through training and communication campaigns to educate, empower and encourage Pioneer employees to continue improving their environmental focus and doing the right thing every day.

The foundational principles of the Stewardship365 program include respecting the air, land and water; considering the environment in decision-making; empowering employees and contractors to do the right thing; effectively sharing knowledge and ideas; creating value through efficiency and innovation; and reducing the company’s environmental footprint.

Societal efforts: 

There are 8,760 hours in a year. Pioneer asks its employees and contractors to be mindful of safety every hour of every day, whether at work or at home, which is why its safety initiative is named Safely8760. Pioneer’s HSE team actively works to enhance and improve data that it can use to correlate actions to incidents, including behavioral indicators it uses to help keep employees and contractors safe. 

The foundational principles of the Safely8760 program include building a proactive culture of safety; asking questions and stopping the job if necessary; preventing incidents at home and at work; sharing knowledge and lessons learned; and being better and safer every day.

Pioneer and its employees have a storied philanthropic history. The company seeks out events, organizations and initiatives to support, constantly striving to improve the quality of life in the communities where it lives and operates. 

In 2020 Pioneer implemented a charitable giving match program for employees, WELL Spent, which helps Pioneer serve the needs of its communities while supporting employee involvement in its giving program. WELL Spent is more than donations; Pioneer’s corporate giving strategy includes organizing employee-focused volunteering events with many of the company’s key charitable partners. 

During 2021 Pioneer and its employees have contributed more than $8.3 million to hundreds of charitable organizations by utilizing a multi-layered approach that includes strategic corporate partnerships, volunteer committees, leadership oversight, employee-driven matching and grants, and university gifts.

Governance achievements:

The board of directors of Pioneer Natural Resources Co. has five standing committees: Audit Committee; Compensation and Leadership Development Committee; Health, Safety and Environment Committee; Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee; and Sustainability and Climate Oversight Committee. 

Pioneer has five women on its leadership team and four women on its board of directors.