Danos is being recognized with a 2021 Energy ESG Top Performers Award in the private service company category.

Danos ESG

Danos works with partner Natrx in Louisiana’s marsh to offload Cajun Coral, a restoration model that uses digital tools to work with mother nature to protect coastlines. (Source: Danos)

Energy ESG Awards

Environmental accomplishments: 

Danos has identified three key pillars of focus regarding the environment: protect, preserve and restore the natural environment; reduce the environmental impact of Danos’ operations; and support renewable energy business opportunities.   

Danos recently embarked on a collaborative partnership with 3D printing technology partner Natrx to impact coastal resiliency and restoration by designing, manufacturing and installing nature-based infrastructure solutions that reduce carbon emissions. The process cuts material usage by up to 70%, generates up to 300% higher protective biomass and increases habitat by 650% per linear foot of infrastructure versus rock or solid concrete structure.   

The companies’ first joint project involved the placement of Cajun Coral, a 3D-printed infrastructure, to establish a new reef in Catfish Lake in Louisiana. The installation provides substantial protection from erosion for this coastal wetland and a home to a growing population of oysters and other sea life.   

Danos has also lowered the company’s carbon footprint by implementing a hybrid work schedule for staff employees that includes work from home and the office. The reduction in commute time has lowered the company’s carbon footprint by about 282 metric tons annually. Additionally, the company has reduced its vehicle commuting and fuel consumption for employees, incorporates responsible, low-impact supplies and materials at its facilities, and uses recycled products whenever possible.  

Danos is tackling carbon emissions from its fleet of vehicles and equipment by partnering with Derive Efficiency to reduce fuel consumption. The company is using engine calibration software that reduces idle RPM and resulted in a savings of 2.95 metric tons of CO2 per vehicle per year. This adds up to 1,178 total metric tons removed across the fleet each year, or the equivalent of eliminating 7% of Danos’ entire fleet. 

Societal efforts: 

The Danos Foundation is a manifestation of the company’s purpose: “Honor God. Develop great people to solve big challenges for our customers and communities.” Funded primarily through employee donations and Danos corporate contributions, the Foundation has given more than $500,000 to help 80 organizations and more than 300 employees in need since its launch in 2017. Foundation activities are managed by an employee-led committee with guidance from its board of directors. The GIVES grant program awards funding to non-profit organizations that help solve community challenges; the WORKS program donates money to non-profit organizations where Danos employees volunteer their time; and the CARES program is an internal initiative through which funds are distributed to employees with needs arising from unexpected events.

Danos also has established robust, ongoing and thorough training procedures and reinforces vital safety messages with employees across all locations. Systematic analysis of past experiences and tracking leading and lagging indicators is the cornerstone of Danos’ behavior-based safety program. The results speak for themselves: industry-leading total recordable incident rate, four-time winner of the U.S. Department of Interior’s SAFE Award, two-time winner of NOIA’s Culture of Safety Award, and the Center for Offshore Safety Leadership Award finalist. 

Additionally, Danos invests in the next generation of workers through partnerships with several technical and community colleges in strategic geographies that offer degrees in process technology, production technology, instrumentation and electrical. The company is working with its customers to review course curricula at select schools to ensure students are receiving the relevant preparation to meet industry needs. This arrangement also helps prepare more students for career opportunities in the industry. 

Another Danos initiative is an on-the-job-learning program that is customizable based on the unique goals of each customer that partners with Danos on the program. Students at participating schools gain hands-on experience in industry-specific work processes, resulting in a 94% participation rate. This program has been successful in increasing more candidates from historically underrepresented groups. Several of whom have since been hired to fill full-time positions  with Danos or their customers. 

In addition to expanding the talent pipeline to include more women, people of color and others in underrepresented groups, Danos is recruiting veterans through a partnership with NextOp, an organization focused on helping veterans transition from military service to civilian careers. 

Danos - Habitat for Humanity
Danos donated $2,500 to Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans, La. (Source: Danos)

Governance achievements:

Danos has intentionally structured its board of directors and leadership team to provide the company with accountable, transparent and purpose-focused decision-making and vision-setting. Danos is committed to continued innovation, investment and partnership to advance sustainability for the benefit of its industry, communities and society.  

In addition, Danos is a founding member of NOIA’s ESG network, where together it aims to advance ESG initiatives.