Mark E. Chiles

Mark Chiles is the Senior Vice President of Digital Operations for Hart Energy. As Hart’s chief digital officer, Mark coordinates and leads key digital functions across the company's portfolio of world-class brands, while defining growth areas and entering new markets. He currently manages information technology, software engineering, audience development, digital business development, data intelligence and new product strategy. New e-commerce, online marketing, social media, transformative platforms and cutting edge technology are just some of the redefining media components Mark is embracing to continue Hart Energy’s leadership in providing oil and gas information. He has been with Hart Energy for eight years and is a key member of its leadership team. Chiles spent two years as Information Technology Manager for Excargo Services Inc. and five years as a Volunteer Firefighter for Atascocita Volunteer Fire Department. He has several Microsoft certifications and completed the technology certification program at Kingwood College. He is also a member of the Texas Young Professionals group and has received the Best Disaster Response Award from OpenDNS for restoring Hart Energy following Hurricane Ike.