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Oil Industry Changes Needed To Lure Investors, Snap Out Of ‘Festivus’ Funk

The oil and gas industry has not communicated its message well to the generalist investor, according to a Permian Basin player.

April 30, 2019

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Frac Sand: Is Too Much Of A Good Thing Not Such A Bad Thing?

The industry has learned the lessons of the past and is much better prepared to handle the current frac sand surplus, says a DUG Sand panelist.

April 29, 2019

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DUG Permian Basin: What’s Coming & Where It Will Go (2019)

At 4 MMbbl/d and with a growing natural as contribution, producers are getting their products to buyers—by all means possible. Here’s a look at  production forecast, current takeaway and what will be needed going into the second half and into 2020 and beyond.

April 28, 2019

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DUG Permian: Drillinginfo Co-Founder Allen Gilmer On The Permian Heat Map (2019)

Here’s the 411 on where IPs and EURs per lateral foot are transitioning to a “Permian 2019” level in the Midland and Delaware basins as well as trends in leasing and permitting, along with a look at the NW Shelf and the Central Basin Platform.

April 27, 2019

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HART ENERGY CONNECT: Geopolitical Issues Effect On Permian Producers

In our final Permian perspectives segment, Tom Petrie analyzes where the basin fits in the ‘new world order.’

April 26, 2019

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DUG Permian: Dealmakers' Panel & Roundtable - Leasehold (2019)

M&A is increasingly all-stock. What consolidation will the basin see through year-end? Will capital markets reopen by then? These operators describe the M&A environment.

April 25, 2019

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DUG Permian: Wildcatting - But Within Cash Flow? (2019)

This leader of the American shale revolution provides perspective on the direction U.S. independent E&P management is heading.

April 25, 2019

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Private E&P CEOs Give Insight On Permian Basin

Admiral Permian Resources and Discovery Natural Resources talk about production and adding value in the Permian Basin as they move toward full field development mode.

April 24, 2019

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HART ENERGY CONNECT: Political Challenges Facing Permian Basin Producers

Hart Energy looks at legislative moves across the country and what above-ground challenges oil and gas producers in the Permian Basin might face moving forward. 

April 24, 2019

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HART ENERGY CONNECT: Diamondback CFO: “Money should flow to the Permian”

Kaes Van’t Hof of Viper Energy Partners and Diamondback Energy outlines why he thinks investor money should concentrate on the Permian plus why some E&P’s haven’t been active in M&A yet this year.

April 23, 2019