DUG Permian


DUG Permian: America's Aces or Jokers Wild? (2019)

How may legislative and political threats to production in the Delaware and Midland basins change the hand you’re holding? With deep insight into world politics, this expert discusses potential for above-the-ground challenges to the Permian-fueled U.S. energy renaissance.

May 13, 2019

DUG Permian: Greg Armstrong Chats About Permian Basin, Business Philosophy, Industry's Future

From a humble start in E&P, Greg Armstrong went on to found and lead one of the largest players in the midstream sector, Plains All American Pipeline, until his recent retirement. In an exclusive fireside chat, Armstrong shares his insights on the past, present—and promising future—of the Permian and other plays, as well as the business philosophy he credits for his success.

May 8, 2019