ULTRecov­ery Corp.


ULTRecovery Corp. (ULTR) is a leading production enhancement company based in Houston. ULTR was founded by a team of proven track records of success in both academia and business. ULTR acquired intellectual properties, laboratory, field facilities, and retained key technical and marketing staff from a top biotechnology company in 2017, and dated its history of  production enhancement back to 1990s. ULTR has committed to addressing challenges of low EOR and EUR in both conventional and unconventional shale resources by constantly inventing cutting-edge technologies research and development. ULTR works closely with the operators to uplift production decline curve, increase proven development reserves, and ultimately achieve maximum return on investment by incorporating its deep subsurface microbial technologies to the integrated subsurface analysis system and field development plan.

Editor's note: Updated Dec. 18, 2019.

Headquarters Address

4315 South Dr
Houston, TX 77053
United States

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