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Ulterra Drilling Technologies LP


Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Ulterra is a leading manufacturer of PDC drill bits to the oil and gas sector. The Company has nearly 250,000 square feet of engineering, manufacturing and service space in Fort Worth, Texas, Leduc, Alberta in Canada and global locations in Oman, Colombia, Argentina, Kurdistan, and is soon to open in Saudi Arabia. With locations all throughout the United States, Canada, and international, Ulterra’s field service locations are conveniently located near the drilling activity to provide direct support for your drilling operations.

In October 2018, Blackstone Energy Partners entered into binding agreements to acquire a controlling, majority interest in Ulterra from affiliates of American Securities LLC.

Editor's note: Updated June 4, 2020.

Headquarters Address

Fort Worth, TX
United States

Main Phone Number


Report Date Amount (MM) Description
2018-10-23 --

Blackstone Confirms Purchase Of Ulterra From American Securities

Blackstone Confirms Purchase Of Ulterra From American Securities

Report Date Amount (MM) Description
2016-07-18 $0.00

Private-Equity Firm Buys Ulterra Drilling Technologies

Private-Equity Firm Buys Ulterra Drilling Technologies

Report Date Amount (MM) Description
2012-08-14 $325.00

Esco Buys Ulterra

Esco Buys Ulterra

2100-10-01 $000.00

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2100-10-01 $000.00

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2100-10-01 $000.00

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2100-10-01 $000.00

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