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Trio Petroleum LLC


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2015-06-22 --

Trio Petroleum LLC

Trio Petroleum LLC

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Trio Petroleum to Increase Monterey County Oil Production

Trio Petroleum’s HH-1 well in McCool Ranch and the HV-3A well in the Presidents Field collectively produce about 75 bbl/d.

Trio Petroleum Secures Option to Acquire 20% Interest in Asphalt Ridge

Trio Petroleum Corp. secured an option from Heavy Sweet Oil to acquire a 20% production share in the Asphalt Ridge heavy oil development project.

Trio Petroleum to Restart McCool Ranch Oilfield

California’s Trio Petroleum plans to restart oilfield production at McCool Ranch, where six wells that previously reached a production peak of 400 bbl/d.

Trio Secures Option to Acquire Sacramento Basin Natural Gas Prospect

According to Trio Petroleum Corp., the prospect is fully leased and permitting for an exploration well is in an advanced stage.

Elephant Oil Corp. Files IPO

Elephant Oil Corp.’s IPO follows the public offering of Trio Petroleum Corp., which is led by CEO Frank C. Ingriselli — who also serves as a director for Elephant Oil.

Trio Petroleum Begins Full Field Development at South Salinas

Trio Petroleum began full field development activities for its South Salinas Project in California a week after announcing planned production tests for its HV-1 well in July.

Production Test for Trio's HV-1 Well Slated for July

Trio Petroleum expects cash flow from its South Salinas HV-1 well in California in the third quarter of 2023.

Trio Petroleum to Acquire Union Avenue Field Interests

The deal, between Trio Petroleum Corp. and subsidiary Trio Petroleum LLC, could ultimately add 100% working interest in a producing asset in California’s Union Avenue Field.

Trio Petroleum Adds Leasehold to South Salinas Project

The additional leasehold increases Trio’s footprint by about 8%, from 8,600 acres to 9,267 acres, the company said.

California E&P Trio Petroleum Launches IPO

California-based Trio Petroleum has launched an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange American with expectations of raising $6 million in gross proceeds.