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Simmons Energy


Simmons Energy is a division of Piper Sandler. Headquartered in the Piper Sandler Cos. Houston office, with additional divisional locations in Piper Sandler Ltd.’s Aberdeen and London offices, the Simmons Energy team is one of the largest and most experienced energy investment banking groups in the industry.

Editor's note: Updated Sept. 20, 2020.

Headquarters Address

609 Main Street, Suite 3800
Houston, TX 77002
United States

Main Phone Number


Report Date Amount (MM) Description
2015-12-01 $139.00

Piper Jaffray To Acquire Book-runner, M&A Adviser Simmons & Co.

Piper Jaffray To Acquire Book-runner, M&A Adviser Simmons & Co.

Report Date Amount (MM) Description
2010-11-03 --

Seahawk Drilling Inc.

Seahawk Drilling Inc.

2100-10-01 $000.00

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2100-10-01 $000.00

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Oilfield Services Investing: Private Equity’s Tech Pivot

Private equity’s interest in oilfield services is expanding the definition of what is investable in the OFS space.

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US Drillers Add Oil and Gas Rigs for Fourth Consecutive Week

The oil and gas rig count, an early indicator of future output, rose 8 to 346 in the week to Dec. 18, the highest since May, energy services firm Baker Hughes said in its closely followed report.

MLP Investors’ Free Cash Flow Wish to Come True

MLPs and midstream companies are starting to show free cash flow operational results, experts say.

DUG Permian/Eagle Ford: Hydraulic Fracturing in a Sub $50 World

Is sub $50 crude oil the new normal? And for how long? This leading market expert, Ian Macpherson from Simmons Energy, shares insights on the rest of the year and beyond.

Simmons Energy Adds Doug Reynolds, Robert Urquhart to E&P Investment Banking Group

Doug Reynolds and Robert Urquhart, both previously with Scotiabank, will be based in Simmon Energy’s Houston office and will focus on exploration and production.

Parched US Shale Patch Crushes Oilfield Services Sector

Schlumberger, Halliburton and Baker Hughes shift focus overseas and away from U.S. shale as domestic revenues dry up.

Oil and Gas Investor At Closing: OPEC’s Dilemma, Shale’s Hope

Even for the leanest, meanest oil and gas producer sitting on the best assets in the land, fate hinges on the nature of the recovery.

Opinion: Governance in Oil and Gas Allows Huge Rewards for Failure

Top executives at U.S. oil and gas producers are taking big bonuses even as companies stagger into bankruptcy.

US Rig Count Falls to Record Low for Seventh Week in Row

U.S. oil rigs fell 10 to 189 this week, their lowest since June 2009, while gas rigs dropped by three to 75, their lowest on record according to data from Baker Hughes going back to 1987.

Midstream’s Unruffled Feathers in a Crisis

The midstream sector may prove to be the energy industry’s best story in this black swan event as the global oil and gas business scrambles to respond to 2020’s unexpected shocks.

E&P Stocks to Watch: Looking for Gain, Not Pain

A year from now, which E&P stocks will oil and gas investors wish they’d bought in 2020’s summer doldrums?

US Rig Count Rises Despite Oil Producers Pledging To Reduce Drilling This Year

Exxon Mobil, which analysts say is operating the most U.S. rigs, said March 5 that it would cut about 20% of the 58 rigs it was operating in the Permian Basin this year.

From OGI Editor-In-Chief: Upsized Cash Flow

E&Ps are metamorphosing from ravenous, capital-consuming caterpillars to value-oriented, cash-flowing butterflies. But will that be enough for investors?