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ROCSOLE is a leading cleantech company with smart process imaging and real-time data analytics for critical processes. With our AI/deep learning rendered prediction solutions we support customers to reduce their operational costs, to avoid unplanned shutdowns, and to monitor product quality to increase revenues and have a reliable process control. Our field-proven applications include emulsion, deposition, sand and flow regime-related data analytics solutions. Our services are applied on offshore as well as onshore for tanks, pipelines and separators.

WE ARE COGNIFYING CRITICAL PROCESSES, first time at industrial scale with real-time reliable data.

Our goal is to support automated, digitalized and unmanned platform operations with high energy efficiency and uptime.

Our solutions are used in multi-industry, as deposit and emulsion issues are present in a variety of process industries.

Our offices are located in Houston (TX, USA), Oslo (Norway), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Arnhem (NL), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Abu Dhabi (UAE) with Kuopio (Finland) being our HQ. 

TEAM ROCSOLE is dedicated to work side-by-side to improve your process.

Editor's note: Updated Jan. 28, 2022.

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