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RBN Energy LLC


RBN Energy provides market advisory services specializing in strategy, acquisitions and divestitures.  The firm works with companies engaged in trading, marketing or purchasing of energy commodities, purchase and sale of energy-related assets and E&P for oil and gas.

Editor's note: Updated Feb. 3, 2020.

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Artificial Barriers Keep World Markets Starved of Appalachia Natural Gas

Despite a massive uptick in U.S. LNG exports since 2021, the Appalachia Basin remains a sleeping giant of production as politics, protests and litigation keep billions of cubic feet of natural gas cut off from world markets.

Splinter is Coming: Gas Prices Likely to Spike Again as LNG Exports Grow

The EIA’s Winter Fuels Outlook explains why households will pay more for heating and the vulnerability of natural gas inventories to unexpectedly cold weather.

DUG Haynesville: Why Region Outshines the Competition

Analysts and producers at Hart Energy’s DUG Haynesville conference tout growing demand for natural gas and the shale play’s superior economics. 

DUG Haynesville: Louisiana NatGas Abroad: The LNG Market with RBN Energy's David Braziel

Oh, the places Louisiana’s natural gas goes. This winter, demand in Asia was so much that JKM approached $20 MMBtu. Here’s a look at current markets and the outlook for demand.

The LNG Comeback: Natgas Shines

Oil is rebounding but is forecast to continue to be constrained by excess production potential at a higher price. Meanwhile, U.S. natgas is all dressed up with lots of places to go.

DUG Permian/Eagle Ford: In the Pipeline—And Not in the Pipeline

How do Permian and Eagle Ford oil and gas fare with less market competition? Learn here from RBN Energy President David Braziel.

The Bakken Takes a Hit

Between a historic oil price crash and resource maturity, some say the Bakken may have only five or six good drilling years left. What’s the opportunity now?

The Promise Of Exports: Midstream Bright Spots In A New Decade

Familiar challenges remain, but growing export markets buoy the midstream.

From OGI Editor-In-Chief: E&P Capex Capitulation

While less is now more as investors turn a skewed eye on growth and production, E&Ps may finally be capitulating on plowing back capex spending.