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Editor's note: Updated Feb. 13, 2020.

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Cross Border Resources Inc.

Cross Border Resources Inc.

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Rex Energy Corp.

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Rex Energy Corp.

Rex Energy Corp.

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The $40MM Pencil Fight: Ringside at Magnolia Oil & Gas’ Earnings Call

Analysts’ questions led Magnolia Oil & Gas’ CEO to describe the exchange as akin to the courtroom scene from a “A Few Good Men.”

Despite Recession Fears, Key E&P Needs Will Feed M&A

Upstream oil and gas companies continue to suffer from a double standard in the markets, with low equity valuations causing headaches for equity-based deals. 

DUG Bakken & Rockies 2022: Money, M&A and Markets

Hear representatives of KeyBanc Capital Markets and PetroNerds discuss what investors are doing now that operators are showing them their returns.

DUG East: Natural Gas Capital: Where the Money Flows

KeyBanc Capital Markets managing director of oil and gas Jay Salitza discusses the flow of capital into the Appalachian Basin and overall oil and gas investment now and in the years to come.

DUG Haynesville: Despite Boom, Oil and Gas Stocks Still Undervalued, Expert Says

With oil and gas prices and exports both rising, KeyBanc’s Jay Salitza told DUG Haynesville attendees that he sees plenty of reason for optimism.

DUG Haynesville: Gas & Capital: The Money

Watch KeyBanc Capital Markets' managing director of oil and gas explain oil and natural gas investment dynamics in the changing market.

E&P Lenders’ POV: The New Debt Deal

Secured-debt lenders have new terms for oil and gas producers. Some were underway before 2020.

E&P Stocks to Watch: Looking for Gain, Not Pain

A year from now, which E&P stocks will oil and gas investors wish they’d bought in 2020’s summer doldrums?

Sustained Outperformance Needed from Public E&Ps

Before the coronavirus pandemic and the oil price war, public investors had already thrown down the gauntlet to E&Ps. Companies, arguably, were learning to adapt, and they must keep doing so to access public capital in the new environment.

E&P Capital Market Trends: Dwindling Debt Options

Debt markets are bifurcated, with questions arising over E&Ps’ ability to pay upcoming maturities.

Getting the Deal Done: E&P M&A’ing with Cross Punches

Increasingly, E&P mergers are drawing shareholder pushback—unless for a low or no premium.

A&D Trends: Cash Incinerator

Just a couple of months into the year, M&A for the upstream oil and gas sector already looks to be in for a rough 2016. You remember 2016.

Energy Capital Conference: Capital Markets Scorecard; Public Equity and Debt Perspectives

This roundtable examines the state of the capital markets today for energy companies, and what it will take to restart capital flow. This presentation was recorded at the recent Energy Capital Conference & exhibition in Dallas.

KeyBanc: Volatility To Drive Oil, Gas Prices In 2020

The current oil and gas investor environment is “the worst we’ve seen in multiple decades,” says KeyBanc analyst Leo Mariani.

Clues From Early Innings Of E&P Earnings Season

Analysts with KeyBanc say they expect E&Ps focused in the Permian Basin to report weaker oil price realizations from the first quarter.