ESAI Energy LLC provides our clients, Oil Majors, NOC, Governments, Traders, Financial Institutions, Logistics Companies, Refiners, and Large Petroleum Product Consumers, with global energy forecasts and market analysis enabling them to: increase profitability, capitalize on opportunities, answer strategic questions, and manage/mitigate energy-related risks. 

ESAI’s country by country analysis and detailed forecasts provide the backbone for strategic management and physical /paper market trading decisions. ESAI provides direct access to product and regional experts, quality analysis and sustained value to our clients in over 22 countries. ESAI’s success has been demonstrated with high client retention rates over our 27-year history.

Editor's note: Updated Sept. 4, 2019.

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Call it the effects of a war, wrapped in a pandemic, inside an energy transition. Or just call it oil and gas March markets madness.…

Problem: the need for sufficient gas pipeline capacity. Opportunity: new customers beyond…