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Elevation Resources LLC


Elevation Resources LLC is a Permian Basin focused exploration and production company with operations in Andrews County, Texas, on the Central Basin Platform and in the southern Midland Basin. The company formed in 2013 with financial backing from a group of investors led by Pine Brook Road Partners, whose principals have been investing in the oil industry for over three decades. Elevation’s strategy employs horizontal drilling and multistage hydraulic fracturing in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs that are overlooked by the company’s competitors. Elevation said it is proud to call Midland its headquarters and home and the company’s employees are active in community leadership and volunteer activities.

Headquarters Address

200 N Loraine St Suite 1010
Midland, TX 79701
United States

Main Phone Number

New Financings

Report Date Type Amount (MM) Description
2013-04-08 Elevation Resources LLC - 2013-04-08 Equity $400.00

Received a line of equity financing from an investor group led by Pine Brook that served as the…

2100-05-23 Transaction $888.88

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2100-05-23 Transaction $888.88

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2100-05-23 Transaction $888.88

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