America's Natural Gas front cover

America's Natural Gas

We flip a switch, turn a key or press a button and we can see, move and create. Energy’s presence surrounds us, so ubiquitously that we give it little thought. Its use is not planned but on demand. Energy is such an essential component of our lives and so ingrained in our existence that when it is disrupted, we feel betrayed.

But current times demand that we give it thought. The threat posed by climate change forces us to address our use of energy and choose sources that make the most sense as we transition to a future of clean fuels. Ultimately, those choices will be determined by a combination of the marketplace and public policy. What is important is that decisions are based on facts.

America’s Natural Gas will present these facts to you in a clear, straightforward way, relying on authoritative data and expertise. There are numerous perspectives on the energy transition, but while America’s Natural Gas will explain the important role of natural gas in this effort, it will do so without demonizing those who would choose sources other than gas. The energy transition discussion needs to be open and respectful for it to be constructive. Indeed, one of the chief assets of natural gas is how well it complements renewable sources like wind and solar.

America’s Natural Gas will guide you through the energy landscape, explaining the success of natural gas in the U.S. and how it helps meet the needs of our daily lives. It will offer perspective on the energy transition and describe how renewable sources of energy and natural gas complement each other. And it will introduce you to a new generation of young, smart executives who are leading their companies toward a sustainable energy future while putting into effect a sea change in the industry’s approach to environmental, social and governance issues.