We Get Our Energy from Energy

We need clean energy and lots of it. That’s why we need natural gas.

We flip a switch, turn a key or press a button and we can see, move and create. Energy’s presence surrounds us, so ubiquitously that we give it little thought. Its use is not planned but on demand. Energy is such an essential component of our lives and so ingrained in our existence that when it is disrupted, we feel betrayed.

But current times demand that we give it thought. The threat posed by climate change forces us to address our use of energy and choose sources that make the most sense as we transition to a future of clean fuels. Ultimately, those choices will be determined by a combination of the marketplace and public policy. What is important is that decisions are based on facts.

America’s Natural Gas will present these facts to you in a clear, straightforward way, relying on authoritative data and expertise. There are numerous perspectives on the energy transition, but while America’s Natural Gas will explain the important role of natural gas in this effort, it will do so without demonizing those who would choose sources other than gas. The energy transition discussion needs to be open and respectful for it to be constructive. Indeed, one of the chief assets of natural gas is how well it complements renewable sources like wind and solar.

America’s Natural Gas will guide you through the energy landscape, explaining the success of natural gas in the U.S. and how it helps meet the needs of our daily lives. It will offer perspective on the energy transition and describe how renewable sources of energy and natural gas complement each other. And it will introduce you to a new generation of young, smart executives who are leading their companies toward a sustainable energy future while putting into effect a sea change in the industry’s approach to environmental, social and governance issues.

Natural gas faces significant challenges, true, but challenges are made to be overcome. America’s Natural Gas will show how innovative companies are tackling them head on. Readers will learn why natural gas liquids are already established as the clean choice in the production of essential day-to-day items like plastics.

We live in an era of transformative technologies that can enable natural gas to be provided with very low or no greenhouse-gas emissions. You might be surprised that such a thing is possible. It is and can be achieved when informed public servants enact sound energy policies.

This is an exciting time—an inflection point in the movement toward a cleaner energy future. Read all about it. You’ll feel energized.

Supply and Demand

A Sense of Security

The crisis of the 1970s jolted the U.S. out of energy complacency. Natural gas has restored that sense of security.

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How Much is a Lot?

The U.S. has enough natural gas to last 80 years. That’s a lot.

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Best of the Energy Mix

Natural gas provides energy more cheaply than any other major U.S. fuel source.

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Affordable Energy for All

One in three American households experiences energy poverty. Natural gas can help alleviate that.

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ESG and Changing Culture

Shareholders, Investors Driving Fossil Fuels’ ESG Embrace

The natural gas industry has recognized the importance of ESG concerns and is moving rapidly to address them.

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All Together Now: Old School/New School Join to Lead the Transition

Both seasoned pros and promising young executives are needed to guide the natural gas industry in the energy transition.

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Energy Transition and NGLs

How Natural Gas Fits into the Energy Transition

A greater reliance on electricity means a greater reliance on natural gas—the dominant fuel source in power generation.

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Let No Methane Molecules Escape

New and innovative, these companies are tackling a major climate change problem head on.

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Natural Gas Liquids are both Versatile and Clean

Long used to cook food and heat homes, NGLs have emerged as the clean feedstock of choice in the production of plastics.

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Abundant, Affordable, Accessible and Clean

Natural gas can help us reach our climate goals and fight energy poverty. What we need is sound energy policy.

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