W&T Plans To Drill Virgo Field Development Test In Viosca Knoll Block 823

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United States

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#13-A 3 OCS G16549
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A development test is planned by Houston-based W&T Offshore Inc.to expand the company’s Virgo Field. The #13-A 3 OCS G16549 will be drilled from the A platform in the western half of Viosca Knoll Block 823. It will bottom to the southwest in Viosca Knoll Block 822 and area water depth is 1,132 ft. The company’s #12-A OCS G35803 has been drilled and bottomed to the northwest in Viosca Knoll Block 779. The most recent field well was completed in April 2018 at #10-A (ST) OCS G16549, which bottomed beneath Block 823 in Miocene at 16,158-16,343 ft. The sidetracked gas well was drilled to 16,770 ft, 13,482 ft true vertical depth. Recovery during the well’s first three months online totals 280 MMcf of gas and 35.359 Mbbl of condensate.