Wolfcamp A Completion at Sunrise Studley Prospect Flows 1,390 bbl of Oil, 81,000 cu ft of Gas per Day

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United States

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#6WA Sunrise Studley 29-17 E
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Birch Operations completed a Wolfcamp A well at its Sunrise Studley prospect in Texas’ Howard County (RRC Dist. 8).  The Spraberry Field venture, #6WA Sunrise Studley 29-17 E, is in T&P RR Co Survey, A-332 and it was drilled to a total depth of 21,195 ft, 7,942 ft true vertical. It was tested pumping 1,390 bbl of 42.5° API oil with 811,000 cu ft of gas per day. Production is from perforations at 8,392-21,064 ft with a flowing tubing pressure of 218 psi and a flowing casing of 112 psi.