Wattenberg Field Well Produces from Commingled Fort Hays, Codell, Carlile, Offset Produces from Niobrara

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United States

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#1-16HZ Carson, #1-14HZ Carson
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Two Weld County, Colo. wells were completed by Anadarko Petroleum Corp. in Wattenberg Field from a pad in Section 1-1n-68w. The #1-16HZ Carson initially flowed 285 bbl of 65° API oil, 556,000 cu ft of gas and 1,952 bbl of water per day. It was drilled to 18,257 ft and the true vertical depth is 7,696 ft. Production is from commingled Fort Hays (8,454-14,305 ft), Codell (8,472-18,208 ft) and Carlile (14,347-14,999 ft). It was tested on a 14/64-inch choke with a flowing tubing pressure of 1,800 psi and a flowing casing pressure of 2,100 psi. The offsetting #1-14HZ Carson was drilled to 19,399 ft, 7,636 ft true vertical, and tested after 42-stage fracturing. It produced at a daily rate of 297 bbl of 58° API condensate, 780,000 cu ft of gas and 470 bbl of water from a Niobrara perforations at 8,184-19,364 ft. Gauged on a 14/64-inch choke, the flowing tubing pressure was 1,900 psi and the flowing casing pressure was 2,600 psi. Anadarko is a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum.