Two Pinedale Field Wells Completed In Sublette County, Wyo.

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United States

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#11A4-17 Stewart Point, #15B2-17A Stewart Point
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Pinedale Energy Partners Operating LLC completed two Pinedale Field discoveries in Section 17-33n-109w in Sublette County, Wyo. The #11A4-17 Stewart Point produced 5.6 MMcf of gas and 576 bbl of water per day from Lance perforations at 8,658-13,072 and Mesaverde perforations at 13,178-14,267 after acidizing and fracturing. It was drilled to 14,340 ft, 13,993 ft true vertical. The #15B2-17A Stewart Point produced 5.3 MMcf of gas with 528 bbl of water per day from Lance at 8,378-9058 ft and from commingled Lance and Mesaverde perforations between 9,164 and 14,174 ft. It was drilled to 14,255, 14,074 ft true vertical and was tested after acidizing and fracturing. Pinedale Energy’s headquarters are in Tulsa.