Two Montague County, Tx. wells have initial daily potential of 500 bbl of oil per day

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United States

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#1H Dunn Family Trust B Unit, #1H Dunn Family Trust C
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EOG Resources Inc. finaled two Montague County (RRC Dist. 9), Texas, wells with initial daily potentials exceeding 500 bbl. of oil per day. The #1H Dunn Family Trust B Unit was tested on gas lift for 552 bbl. of 42.5-degree oil, 1.81 million cu. ft. of gas and 624 bbl. of water daily. Acid- and fracture-treated perforations are at 8,405-14,190 ft. in the Barnett shale with flowing tubing pressure of 168 psi on a 1-in. choke. The well was drilled to a total depth of 14,301 ft., 7,900 ft. true vertical, in John W. Brooks Survey, A-35. From an offsetting surface location, EOG completed #1H Dunn Family Trust C for 521 bbl. of 42.4-degree crude, 1.56 million cu. ft. of gas and 993 bbl. of water per day through acid- and fracture-stimulated perforations at 8,305-13,870 ft. Total depth is 13,992 ft. and the true vertical depth is 7,633 ft.